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The Who’s singer Roger Daltrey joins other musicians in opposing the woke culture

Roger Daltrey, a lead singer of the famous British rock band The Who, joined his colleagues who opposed the woke culture and associated trends that... Read More

America! Happy Mother’s…No…Happy Birthing Person day…apparently

For many families across the United States, Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for all to get together and celebrate the achievements (and the stress)... Read More

Workers Uncovered a Time Capsule at the Washington Monument—But They Couldn’t Believe What They Found

The Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland, is an important piece of American history. Construction on it began in 1815, and it was actually originally opened... Read More

Trillions Of Cicadas Start To Emerge After 17 Years Underground, Expected To Swamp 15 States

The world has long appeared an extremely chaotic place. With all of the political polarization and other tensions that are gripping our world, anyone can... Read More

Transgender Female will be allowed to compete in the Olympics this summer, despite never competing as a man

A female transgender weightlifter is set to compete for New Zealand in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games and looks set to be in serious contention... Read More

St. Louis Restaurants Say Super Sized Unemployment Benefits, Stimulus Checks Keep Workers at Home

There’s an old and very obviously true principle of economics that states that when you subsidize something you will get more of it. This includes,... Read More

Samantha Bee orders Republicans to stop all ‘transphobic bills’, whilst telling them to ‘mind their f***ing business’

Host and TV personality Samantha Bee went full throttle against the Republicans on her Wednesday broadcast of her TBS show ‘Full Frontal.’ She attacked Republicans... Read More

Reported Arrangement in Bill Gates' Marriage Would Be a Red Flag to Many Christian Couples

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill Gates has been elevated by the media to the status of some sort of omnicompetent expert who... Read More

Olympics Bans ‘Black Lives Matter’ Apparel, Again Threatens To Punish Athletes Who Protest

For what seems like an eternity now, major politicians, media figures, actors, musicians and large corporations have all been repeating the woke slogans of Black... Read More

New Jersey Cop FIRED after labeling BLM rioters as ‘terrorists’, city issues a heartfelt apology

In the state of New Jersey, the city is beginning to discipline police officers that dare to speak out against the heinous crimes committed by... Read More

Michigan Governor Whitmer reportedly flew in a private jet during the stay-at-home order

Gretchen Whitmer, a Democratic Governor of Michigan, reportedly used her private jet to visit her elderly father at the time when the stay-at-home was imposed... Read More

Grandson Sneaks Car Away from Grandpa and Leaves Everyone in Tears Upon Its Return

For generations, the Dedman family has loved all things related to cars. Out of everyone in the family, however, Cam Dedman and his grandfather, Fred... Read More

Woman Who Gave Birth Mid-Flight Goes Viral on TikTok — Watch the Video Here

Video of Surprise Birth Captures Attention of TikTok Viewers @juliabernice It’s the ‘baby being born while we’re above the Pacific Ocean’ for me ♬ original... Read More

NYT, Washington Post, NBC News Forced To Retract Fake News About Rudy Giuliani

One of the dirty little secrets in so-called “journalism” is that, at least within prominent mainstream media organizations, many journalists more-or-less take dictation from the... Read More

Land Grab: Mark Zuckerberg Almost Doubles His Hawaii Real Estate Holdings

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have recently bought another 595.4 acres of land in Kauai, Hawaii. That means that they have... Read More

Did TLC Cancel 'Counting On?' Josh Duggar's Recent Arrest Might Mean the End

Future of “Counting On” Unclear in Light of Josh Duggar Allegations The future of the TLC show “Counting On” is unclear amidst the revelation that... Read More

DHS Extends Deadline To Obtain REAL ID By 19 Months

DHS Announces 19-Month Extension for Deadline to Obtain REAL ID The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced this week that it was once again extending... Read More

Video released: An L.A. County woman attacked a police officer and accused him of harassment

NEW: "You're always gonna be a Mexican, you'll never be white, you know that?"A Latino LASD deputy sent me his bodycam video of a woman... Read More

Twitter’s ‘Birdwatch’ Feature Mimics Wikipedia, Including Its Failures

Birdwatch Similar to Wikipedia as it Solicits User Input As one of the latest Twitter features, Birdwatch allows users to fact-check tweets that they suspect... Read More

The true extent of the border crisis revealed, as 12 Texas counties declare emergencies

12 counties across the southern border in the state of Texas have all declared emergencies as the border crisis worsens, with local residents now feeling... Read More

Fox News host with the worst rating has been released from his job

A Fox News host, who hasn’t appeared on the air since January, has been officially released from his position within the organisation. Many supporters of... Read More

Double-Amputee Combat Veteran, and Florida Republican, slams Biden Administration for ending Memorial Day event

Brian Mast, a Republican Representative for the state of Florida, has slammed the Biden Administration for terminating a Memorial Day event that has been held... Read More

Christian pastor arrested in London for preaching from the Bible, accused of making ‘homophobic comments’

A Christian pastor was arrested in the streets of London on Friday afternoon, after a passer-by had reported the preaching’s to the police, accusing the... Read More

Wharton study indicates that the wealthy would be able to eschew much of Biden’s proposed tax

A study published by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School revealed that the wealthiest U.S. citizens might be able to evade nearly 90 percent... Read More

Three more L.A. County cities voted against District Attorney Gascón

City councils of La Mirada, Whittier, and Lancaster joined other city councils against the L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón. So far, the cities that... Read More

A school district official from Virginia published a controversial list of privileged and oppressed social groups

Lottie Spurlock, the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) district’s equity director, shared a graphic dividing American citizens into two groups, the one identifying the privileged... Read More

U.S. Catholic Bishops Are Debating Whether to Ask Biden to Refrain From Taking Communion for His Abortion Stance

A new proposed Catholic policy could potentially prevent President Joe Biden from taking Holy Communion. The Committee on Doctrine for the U.S. Conference of Catholic... Read More

This Couple Shocked the World When They Gave Birth to Septuplets—You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Today

Story of the McCaughey Septuplets Captivates the Nation The McCaughey septuplets won over the heart of the nation when they made their triumphant debut on... Read More

Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal Worse Than Previously Reported, Aides ‘Spent Months’ Hiding Death Toll

New Report Details Massive Cover-up in Governor’s Office According to a new report from the New York Times, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo actively tried... Read More

Trump could resume his signature ‘MAGA’ rallies as early as May, according to a new report

According to a new report by everyone’s favorite media outlet, CNN, former President Donald Trump could resume holding his signature MAGA rallies as early as... Read More

The FBI violated the Constitution by illegally spying on American citizens, in search of ‘right-wing domestic extremists’

Once again, the FBI has been caught red-handed breaking the law and violating the Constitution of the United States, by spying on Americans to uncover... Read More

Rose McGowan's Recent Appearance on Fox News Makes Fans Wonder if She's a Republican

In the minds of many, actress Rose McGowan’s name is now probably most strongly associated with the #MeToo movement. The movement and its associated hashtag... Read More

Roku Warns Customers May Lose Service Due to Google’s ‘Predatory’ Power

Roku Warning Customers that YouTube TV Service May Not Be Available in Coming Days If you are a Roku customer that streams programming through YouTube... Read More

Private Miami school threatens to stop employing vaccinated teachers

Centner Academy, a private school located in Miami, Florida, revised its policy regarding teacher obligations. The school prohibited teachers from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine if... Read More

Guy Moves Into A New House, His Neighbor Demands That He Keep His Dogs Inside So Her Children Can Play On His Lawn

Having wonderful neighbors who you get along with is always a blessing for anyone. Alas, not everyone can be so lucky. Occasionally, friction happens between... Read More

Widow of Man Killed by Cops Is Using TikTok for Reform, and Folks Are Listening

Tragic Death of Man at the Hands of Police Sparks Outrage The widow of Daniel Shaver is leaning on TikTok to advocate for police reform.... Read More

Where's the Accountability For California's $31 Million Unemployment Scandal?

Overwhelming evidence has been uncovered of a gargantuan welfare and unemployment fraud scheme in California. Various groups of people, ranging from gang members and drug... Read More

Tom Jones' Secret to Years of Success and Marriage Revealed

Tom Jones is a musician who has been producing hit songs since the 1960s. He’s now 80 years old, yet his career continues to maintain... Read More

Is 'SNL' New Tonight? The NBC Sketch Comedy Series Is on a Roll in 2021

For Saturday Night Live, the turbulent political events of last year’s election season made it so that the jokes and the sketches virtually wrote themselves.... Read More

George Floyd Square Is a Crime-Ridden Disaster, Black Business Owners Speak Out

Contemporary progressivism is a bizarre kind of secular religious cult, complete with its own demonology, its own special concepts of sin and original sin, its... Read More

Caitlyn Jenner Makes It Official: Files Paperwork to Run for CA Governor

There have been rumors circulating for some time now that former Olympic athlete, reality TV star and transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner would run for Governor... Read More

United Methodist Church in chaos as conservative Methodists threaten breakaway over homosexuality teachings

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is in turmoil at the moment, as conservative Methodists have been dishing out threats to split away over their concerns... Read More

Kamala Harris’ book bought with taxpayers’ money to be given to migrant children as VP is still MIA from the border crisis

Even though Vice President Kamala Harris is largely “missing in action” from tackling the crisis at the US-Mexican border caused by a surge in illegal... Read More

Dashcam footage reveals the true extent of Jewell Jones’ actions after the Rep is arrested and charged after crashing on I-96

Well, it turns out not all Democrats are as rosy as they’d want you to believe. Representative Jewell Jones of Michigan was arrested at the... Read More

Lie, lie, lie. A year later, mainstream media still claims Trump supports injecting bleach!

We’re already used to the mainstream media twisting the truth, especially in the case of Donald Trump and other high-level Republican figures. Throughout the 2020... Read More

Law Student attempts to ‘school’ Ted Cruz about court-packing, backfired massively so his PROFESSOR got involved

On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz, alongside Senators Marsha Blackburn and Lindsey Graham, held a press conference outside the Supreme Court to discuss an issue that... Read More

Forget about barbecue... Biden's plan limits beef consumption to 4lbs per year!

How does this sound? 9 Big Macs, or 12 smaller burgers per year? Or if you prefer steak over McDonald’s burgers, how do you feel... Read More

Esteemed Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson gets cautioned by Fox News host after mentioning Hydroxychloroquine during interview

The esteemed Dr. Ben Carson was on the receiving end of a stern warning by Fox News host Neil Cavuto during his live interview, after... Read More

Coca Cola loses its support in Georgia after the CEO speaks against the Georgia new election law

Throughout the past few weeks, there were a lot of controversies regarding the election law in Georgia, which left referred to as ‘the act of... Read More

This Boy Was In a Coma For 13 Years and When He Woke Up He Shared an Unsettling Truth

Martin Pistorius was a normal South African boy, much like any other growing up in that country. However, one day, when he was 12 years... Read More