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Senator Blumenthal demands Facebook and Twitter curb vaccine-skeptic conversations

In a recent letter, Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal has called for Facebook and Twitter to censor any conversations taking place on their services that... Read More

New York School Official Says She Was Fired For Not Giving 'Wakanda' Salute

Karen Ames, the former Bronx School Superintendent, was recently fired from her job over what she says is the result of New York City Schools... Read More

Mario Kart Playing President Has Been MIA on Winter Superstorm, and the Latest News Makes It Even Worse

Texas is currently facing an incredibly severe snowstorm that its energy grid was utterly unprepared for. Long-established energy policies in the state, which systematically favored—and... Read More

Fundraiser Who Bankrolled Obama, Hillary and Others Sentenced to 12 Years for 'Serious Offenses'

Imaad Zuberi, a California businessman who had for many years been a major donor to all sorts of Democratic political campaigns, was sentenced on Thursday,... Read More

Entire California School Board Resigns After Leaked Video of Trashing Parents For Wanting Schools to Open

On Friday, February 19, 2021, members of a school board in the state of California retired from their duties. Since the introduction of Covid-19 in... Read More

Dr. Fauci Doesn't Answer If Vaccinated Grandparents Can See Grandkids

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, was asked by Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union... Read More

Biden Administration Prepares Way For Banks To Refuse Service To Democrats' Enemies

Operation Choke Point seems to have made its comeback into the White House through President Joe Biden. The program was dubbed so by the then-Attorney... Read More

As L.A. Appears To Gain Some Herd Immunity, Experts Seem Optimistic

Coronavirus cases are dropping across the country—even if that drop appears to be tied to a recent official redefinition of what counts as a coronavirus... Read More

“What's going on?” Another Conservative Social Media Source Goes Dark

Many conspiracy theories quickly spread across the internet on Friday, February 19, 2021, as Gab, a “Free Speech Social Network,” suddenly went black. Within minutes,... Read More

U.S. Officials Requesting Vaccines From Foreign Govs, Including Russia, Due To Shortage From Admin: Report

According to a recent report issued by the Washington Post, the Biden administration may be so catastrophically short on COVID-19 vaccines and so incapable of... Read More

President Joe Biden suggests that white supremacism is powered by former Military/Police Officers!

Although more than three months have passed since the election in November, there is still a lot of controversy regarding the whole process. As of... Read More

Neera Tanden opposed as an OMB Candidate as everyone is reminded how Trump got to power

Amid all other controversies that have been present since President Joe Biden won the election, the one of Neera Tanden nominated as the OMB candidate... Read More

List of Statues Chicago Looks to Remove Includes the Usual Suspects... and the President of America's First Abolitionist Society

Iconoclasm has long been at a fever pitch in this country. Throughout 2020, leftist rioters rampaged through countless American cities for what felt like an... Read More

Would a `Green New Deal' have prevented the blackout crisis in Texas? Absolutely not!

The recent blackouts across Texas, caused by an icy storm that has swept its way across the country before devastating the Lone Star State, has... Read More

The National Guard will remain in Washington DC to protect against any potential `threats'

After the riots that took place in the Capitol on January 6th, security has increased around the area tenfold, with two layers of barbed wire... Read More

Stimulus checks soon to be delivered to Americans for the third time

An introduction of President Biden’s coronavirus relief package is expected to occur between early and mid-March when the House of Representatives and the Senate will... Read More

Sources claim that US Capitol Police are preparing to leave barbed wire fencing around Congress in place until the Fall!

Numerous sources, including an anonymous tip to the Associated Press, claims Capitol Hill Police officials are due to discuss the possibility of leaving the barbed... Read More

How did Facebook defend “Antifa Leader” Adam Rahuba banned on Twitter for threats towards Trump supporters

In the past couple of months, there has been a soaring trend regarding social media posts being blocked or deemed as “false”. This is something... Read More

While Millions Not In School, Biden Tells Girl That Kids Are `Safest Group Of People In The World'

During a Tuesday evening townhall meeting in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden told a young girl that she did not need to worry about catching COVID-19.... Read More

Ron DeSantis Gets 2024 'Tier One' Designation From Party Insiders

While people seem to be talking about 2024 as a battle of Haley and Pence if Donald Trump chooses not to run, a new name... Read More

BREAKING: YOU Can Join the $160 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Against Dominion, Zuckerberg, Facebook, Elected Officials, Others...First of Its Kind

Our Vote Matters, a small, patriotic legal group concerned with fraud in the 2020 presidential election, has managed to set up an enormous $160 billion... Read More

Biden Scrambles to Cover Another Gaffe, Appears to Blame Reporters for His Ever-Changing Goal Re: Schools

The mainstream corporate press is simply an arm of the Democratic Party. This has been far beyond obvious to any even semi-competent and semi-perceptive observer... Read More

Biden Admin Scraps 'Illegal Alien' in Favor of 'Inclusive' Immigration Terms

The administration of President Joe Biden is moving to adopt what it refers to as more “inclusive” language when talking about illegal immigrants. Rather than... Read More

Why Did The Lincoln Project Pay a Jon Ossoff Staffer $20,000 One Day Before GA Runoff?

There is a well-known rule that a campaign staffer for a candidate seeking federal office may not go to work for any outside group that... Read More

Rush Limbaugh, a Conservative Radio Host Legend, died at the age of 70

Rush Limbaugh, a legend on the radio for Conservatives, has sadly died at the age of 70 after losing his fight against lung cancer. Limbaugh,... Read More

NY Democrats Turn Against Cuomo, Call His Explanation for Nursing Home Cover-Up 'Trash'

Last week, a story in the New York Post revealed that a secretary to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo named Melissa DeRosa confessed to other... Read More

Notorious House Dem Claims 'White Nationalism Task Force' Is Needed at DOJ

Swalwell Advocates More Attention on White Nationalism House Rep. Eric Swalwell called on the Department of Justice to establish a white nationalism task force. The... Read More

Joe Biden Played 'Mario Kart,' and the Media Thinks You Care Because 'Journalism'

President Joe Biden spent the holiday weekend hanging out at Camp David and seemingly doing nothing but playing video games. The activity was leaked by... Read More

FBI and US Attorney launch investigation into the Cuomo administration over its handling of the nursing home crisis in New York

The FBI and the US Attorney’s office in Brooklyn have launched a fresh investigation into the handling of the nursing home crisis by New York... Read More

Facebook bans Australians from accessing their own news, as part of an ongoing dispute with the Australian Government

Are you someone who gets all of their news off social media? Can you imagine not being able to get your daily intake of local... Read More

Cuomo Blames `Toxic Political Environment' Amid Scandal: Deaths In Nursing Homes `Accurately Reported'

There’s an old quotation to the effect that if you tell a lie that’s big enough and repeat it often enough, people will begin to... Read More

Court data reveal that Capitol rioter earned $35,000 by selling storming footage to major media companies

John Sullivan, a Utah resident who claims to be a journalist, allegedly sold the footage he filmed during the January Capitol storming to NBC and... Read More

The Department of Homeland Security has been urged to use more inclusive language when referring to illegal immigrants

The Department of Homeland Security, alongside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department, have been ‘urged’ by the Biden administration to start using more inclusive terminology... Read More

Republicans Now Demanding Answers From Pelosi About Guard Staying Much Longer in DC, Her Response Is Troubling

Leading up to Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, tens of thousands of National Guard Troops — more than 30,000, according to some counts — were stationed... Read More

NYT Retracts Story First Published on Jan. 8 That Capitol Hill Police Officer Was Killed by a Fire Extinguisher Thrown by Protesters

In order to gin up hysteria against Trump supporters and conservatives more generally, the media has been relentlessly pushing the narrative that Trump incited an... Read More

McConnell 3.0: Mitch the Squish Is Back to Disappoint

On Sunday, February 14, 2021, Mitch McConnell threw conservatives outside the Beltway under the bus when he took to the United States Senate’s floor. During... Read More

Liberal Writer Compares Gina Carano's Firing To Hollywood Blacklisting Communists; Fans Start Petition To Get Her Rehired

Jonathan Chait—a lifelong liberal who is infamous among conservatives for the hysterical way in which he participated in spreading lies about former President Donald Trump... Read More

It's Clear - Since the 2020 Election - Joe Biden and His Gang Are Scared to Death of Facing the American People

While President Biden called for unity during his inauguration speech, his actions indicate that he is afraid of the American people. Of course, you might... Read More

Gun ownership in Canada is a privilege and not a right', Canada due to introduce a bill to grant cities power to ban guns

Canada is set to introduce a bill this week that will afford cities new powers to legislate laws regarding the sale and ownership of firearms.... Read More

Dr. Anthony Fauci Adds a Caveat to the CDC's School Reopening Guidelines

Fauci Elaborates on School Reopening Plans Dr. Anthony Fauci appears to be walking back some of the previously published school reopening guidelines by the Centers... Read More

UFC President Dana White weighs in on the Gina Carano situation, as the former MMA fighter signs new film contract

The President of the UFC, Dana White, has given his thoughts about the current situation regarding Gina Carano after the former MMA fighter was sacked... Read More

Trump Defense Team Rests Early, Ends by Blasting Congress for Wasting the People's Time

Trump Team Rests Early in Impeachment Trial The legal team of former President Donald Trump rested its case early on Friday, claiming that the impeachment... Read More

The Chaotic New York Times Embarrasses Itself While Making a Bigger Mess of the Don McNeil Firing

The New York Times has been lauded as “the paper of record.” It’s one of the pillars of the current American Establishment and a mouthpiece... Read More

Pelosi Crashes House Impeachment Managers Presser, Melts Down Over Acquittal and Blames McConnell

Unsurprisingly, Nancy Pelosi is furious now that her second attempt to impeach Donald Trump on patently false and absurd charges has petered out. After Trump’s... Read More

Judge Issues Injunction Blocking Several Directives From L.A. County's New Controversial D.A.

James Chalfant, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge, has just issued a preliminary injunction preventing the new D.A. in Los Angeles County from implementing... Read More

Gina Carano To Produce And Star In Upcoming Film For The Daily Wire

In the wake of being fired by Lucasfilm from her role in the Star Wars spinoff series “The Mandalorian,” actress and former MMA fighter Gina... Read More

Florida Governor sets out a plan to take power away from Big Tech companies

The Republican Governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has set out a plan for the state to take power away from the Big... Read More

Close to half of employees at the New York Times feel as if they cannot speak freely in the workplace!

An internal survey conducted into the employees of the New York Times has revealed that nearly half of all employees feel that they cannot speak... Read More

“I Will Destroy You” Biden's Unity Spokesman Resigns After Threatening Reporter, Making Misogynist Comments

TJ Ducklo Out as White House Deputy Press Secretary White House deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo has resigned after a report surfaced regarding his threats... Read More

Twitter Announces Trump Ban Is Permanent, Even if He Returns to Public Office

Twitter Not Backing Down on Ban On Wednesday, Twitter announced that its permanent ban on former President Donald Trump will not be lifted. This ban... Read More