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Censoring `F**k Joe Biden': College whose students started it bans them from football game attendance to shield Empty Shelves Joe

If there has been any significant slogan echoed around the country these days, it’s invariably the “F**k Joe Biden!” chant, oops, sorry, the “Let’s Go... Read More

Black gay actor Jussie Smollett goes on trial for staging `racist', `homophobic' attack against himself

Wokeism and transgenderism, “gay rights” in the older version of the same ideological dimension, are extremely empowering tools for those arrogant enough to abuse the... Read More

Climate-change extremists injured several police officers in their protests in an attempt to break into the federal Interior Department building

Many climate activists were arrested on Thursday, following their attempt to enter the building of the federal Interior Department in Washington, D.C. Their capture came... Read More

Oregon's Court of Appeals denies discriminatory law! If you're 18, retailers have to sell you weapon!

On October 13, the Oregon Court of Appeals reversed the lower court ruling, declaring it illegal to deny selling weapons to people between the ages... Read More

An increase in gun purchases is a result of attempts to protect people's safety

FBI has published annual crime data for 2020 and the results are quite worrying. The data show that in 2020, the rate of violent crime... Read More

Anti-white racism is going berserk: Whites banned from `anti-racism' college event

A time has come when white Americans are increasingly becoming the target of racism simply because they “let their guard down” and allowed Marxists of... Read More

Tucker Carlson: Buttigieg is figuring out how to breastfeed during the supply crisis

Famous Fox News host Tucker Carlson made fun of the announcement that the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg decided to go on paternity leave... Read More

VIDEO: Don Lemon impudently denies CNN `lied' about calling ivermectin `horse dewormer' as Joe Rogan used it for his COVID-19 treatment

One of the wokeist stars of CNN, anchor Don Lemon, has claimed that the far-left propaganda network never “lied” when it said last month that... Read More

Raise your cheeseburgers! US University celebrates a new holiday, `Plus Size Appreciation Day'!

An American university has begun to celebrate a brand-new holiday; Plus Size Appreciation Day! Point Park University, located in the heart of Pittsburgh, advertised the... Read More

Ashli Babbitt's mother believes her daughter was MURDERED by Capitol Police

The mother of a woman who was shot and killed by Capitol Police during the January 6th protests earlier this year has told reporters at... Read More

The rise of anti-science: evolutionary biologist censored by Instagram for post showing (”trans”) men's advantage over women in sports

Aggressively and forcefully imposed on the American public and especially on America’s youth already at a very early age, transgenderism is an extremely valuable weapon... Read More

WATCH how Joe Rogan completely DESTROYS CNN for lying about Ivermectin being `horse dewormer' as CNN medic has no explanation

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has exposed CNN for the fraud that this top far-left propaganda machine oftentimes is: in this particular case, for describing... Read More

VIDEO: Nets guard Kyrie Irving states he won't give up the game, willing to lose more than $17 million for refusing vaccine

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving revealed on his Instagram profile on Wednesday night that he had not received the vaccine against COVID 19. Irving took... Read More

Joe Gruden will be removed from a video game and replaced with a generic lookalike!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released a statement that Joe Gruden, former Las Vegas Raiders coach, will be removed from their Ring of Honor, thereby distancing... Read More

Seattle school bans Halloween, declaring it a racist holiday that isolates young African Americans

The so-called ‘Pumpkin Parade,’ a traditional event held on Halloween, has been canceled due to worries related to racial equity. The officials from the Benjamin... Read More

Making moccasins now turn out `racist' as manufacturer apologizes for not being owned by Native Americans in latest bizarre wokeism act

Whatever merit the notion of “cultural appropriation” might once have head, if any, it is completely gone as the vile wokeist crowd has reduced it... Read More

Superman goes bisexual! How many more gay, trans, bisexual superheroes do we need? Who is next?

The ideology of transgenderism is a particularly repugnant brand of identity politics seeking to atomize the American society based on the invention of countless made-up... Read More

Rock song `Brown Sugar' is retired by Rolling Stones over - sexism and racism...

The Rolling Stones retired one of their best hit songs ever over, as is often the case today, a controversy with the lyrics of ‘Brown... Read More

Transgenderism unleashed: Father dragged out of Virginia school board meeting after his daughter was sexually assaulted by boy in bathroom!

Transgenderism as a sub-ideology of modern-day Marxism in America has become a whip of terror for everyday Americans that few could ever have foreseen. Imposed... Read More

Gov Newsom officially saved the planet! Outlaws the sale of new gas-powered chainsaws, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers by 2024!

Under fire Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has officially outlawed the sale of all newly developed, gas-powered chainsaws, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers in the state of... Read More

Deranged Democrat calls Christopher Columbus `genocidal maniac' on his holiday in Marxist falsification of history!

Marxism in its various forms has a disgusting habit of falsifying history, or just plain and simple stuffing the history it tells, its own “interpretation”,... Read More

VIDEO: Mexican cartels fire shots across the border into US, taunt National Guard soldiers

The security situation at America’s southern border is just unimaginable as the far-left administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has made sure to practically... Read More

Art gallery selling Hunter's `art' got $580,000 COVID assistance despite having just 2 workers - and sum spiked after Biden the father occupied White House

Among his various murky financial, drug-related, and other dealings, Sleepy Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is mysteriously selling artwork of his own for sums ranging... Read More

California is taking transgenderism to new heights by forcing `gender neutral' store sections, banning blue and pink toys

Just like wokeism, its Marxist sub-ideological twin – transgenderism – is going berserk in places in America that are run by the liberal leftist and... Read More

Vicious Commie Democrat has managed to chase Musk and Tesla out of California to Texas

Billionaire Elon Musk has just recently announced he is moving the headquarters of his $750 billion electric vehicle company Tesla from liberal leftist-dominated California to... Read More

Mom calls for pulling American kids out of public schools after Garland's outrageous move to persecute protesting parents

When earlier this week he instructed the FBI and other law enforcement to crack down on “harassment” of school board members across the nation –... Read More

Pro-Wokeist AG Garland has daughter married to founder of CRT-promoting group funded by Mark Zuckerberg

The increasingly far-left Marxist and wokeist Biden administration has just moved through its wokeist Attorney General Merrick Garland to persecute American parents who speak out... Read More

Gun ownership enjoys spiking popularity, the latest figure of National Shootings Sports Foundation show

Many of the far-left Democrats taking over the Biden administration are dead bent on keeping up their attempts to rob American citizens of their guns,... Read More

Two transgender doctors blast rampant application of gender reassignment of children, expose NYT censorship on the subject

The vile ideology of transgenderism is being extensively used these days by the Marxists in order to terrorize America’s population and cower it into submission... Read More

The deranged Commies are here: Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend strolls in LA parading Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto

The hellish jaws of Marxism-Communism, in its wokeist, transgenderist, and other manifestations, are increasingly gripping the United States of America in a deadly bite, and... Read More

VIDEO: In ultimate show of lawlessness and police helplessness, street racers perform `donuts' around cop car in Philadelphia

The wokeist crusade against American law enforcement is already bearing fruit just as the liberal leftist Marxists intended it: the US police are being slandered... Read More

In wokeist conspiracy black woman impersonates Ku Klux Klan member to terrorize African-American neighborhoods in Georgia

Wokeists are a particular brand of Marxists who wish to destroy America, freedom, democracy, and capitalism by substituting the “class” element of “class struggle” with... Read More

VIDEO: `F**k Joe Biden' chants take over NASCAR Stands, NBC reporter turns that into `Let's Go, Brandon!'

Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has shaped as being the ultimate disaster for everybody, including himself, not to mention for America, just 8 months after... Read More

VIDEO: `F**k you! Go to Cuba!' - Cuban-American Rapper Pitbull tells America's critics, teaching American patriotism the right way

It is incredibly unbelievable how there are so many absolutely vicious haters of the United States of America in our country who have benefitted tremendously... Read More

Atlanta's wealthiest suburb comes closer to separating from crime-infested war zone-like wokeist city

Buckhead, the richest suburb of Atlanta is pressing hard with its effort to break away and set up its own city, as the largest city... Read More

Ron Paul Institute's YouTube channel deleted `by mistake', then restored in Big Tech censorship charade

The main reason that vile liberal leftist Marxists are so successful in terrorizing the American public and in breaking down the American society in various... Read More

Professor punished for refusing to mark black students' work `leniently' over George Floyd's death sues UCLA

Aided by the tools of Big Tech social media, wokeism has already created a devastating racially-based sense of entitlement that is destroying any semblance of... Read More

3 soldiers mysteriously commit suicide within 48 hours in the same Army base, one was among the last to leave Afghanistan

A total of three American soldiers have killed themselves within a period of 48 hours in one and the same base of the US army... Read More

Jay Leno disgracefully stoops to cancel culture and defends his bending over to Marxism as `evolution'

“Cancel culture” is one of the most favorite tools of the far-left Nazis to impose their will on “the masses” by utilizing a repugnant alliance... Read More

Nazi Communism has gripped America like a rabid dog - as this speech mandate at a US university horrifyingly demonstrates

Both the German Nazis and the Soviet Commies would have been proud of today’s America – and especially of its college campuses where it seems... Read More

CNN proves den of sexual predator hosts as wokeist Don Lemon to go to court over gay sexual assault, after buddy Chris Cuomo

One of the nastiest liberal leftist and Marxist propaganda machines among the American mainstream media – CNN – has just become even more repugnant as... Read More

Democrat-run Philadephia already `boasts' 400 homicides in 2021, well `on schedule' to `improve' 2020 record

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of the many great or formerly great cities of the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America, which are... Read More

VIDEO: White college students attacked for being white and defending the police in anti-white racism rant by BLM supporters

Anti-white racism is skyrocketing throughout the United States, a country established entirely upon the statehood, governance, and philosophical heritage of white people. This is just... Read More

BLM `storms troopers' gather at Carmine's restaurant in NYC as new footage shows real attackers in last week's incident

The well-known recipe of terror by Black Lives Matter has been played out once again as a group of bigoted BLM storm troopers, some wearing... Read More

BLM plans protest after 3 black women assault Asian restaurant hostess who expressed doubt at their vaccination cards

The Black Lives Matter movement is such a hoot! As long as there is “race” involved, or, rather, “blackness” involved, BLM extremists will rush in... Read More

Muslim extremists in US becoming too brazen as Virginia school board member tries to `woke-wash' 9/11 remembrance

As radical leftists and Marxists are ripping America from within with its incredibly divisive and nasty wokeism, transgenderism, and other “identity” politics in order, radical... Read More

De Blasio becomes AOC's brother-in-hypocrisy as another top-ranking socialist to join the super fancy Met Gala

Pathetic and obnoxious New York progressivist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked everybody with a sense of basic decency by attending Monday night’s super lavish Met Gala,... Read More

VIDEO: Bill Maher attacks Alicia Keys and leftists for “inventing” a new American anthem for African-Americans!

In their ever more ruthless and brutal quest for totalitarian power and self-enrichment through it – precisely the way shown by Soviet, Chinese, and other... Read More

Grocery prices have skyrocketed and are heading higher, America's largest supermarket chain warns

Under the “wise” leadership of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden, whose leftist and Marxist administration is eager to squander trillions of taxpayer dollars in gigantic... Read More

Google subjects staff to `training' in anti-white racism in which if you are white, you are a racist of piece sh*t by default and for good!

Liberal leftist Marxists have utilized the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 to the fullest in order to impose upon the grand American nation... Read More