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Harvard biology professor, who refuses to use the term “pregnant people,” has been accused of transphobia!

A Harvard Biology Professor, who has continuously refused to use the term “pregnant people,” has been accused of blatant transphobia by the head of diversity... Read More

Police in leftist NYC has “no logical answer” why a serial burglar arrested 19 times in 8 months gets to molest a 10-year-old girl

In another example of the consequences from wokeist law enforcement and justice reform, the police in the liberal leftist New York City has no answer... Read More

Women get raped, impregnated by biological “trans” men in prisons in pro-transgender California, radical feminists alarmed

At least one woman and possibly more have become pregnant in prisons in California, whose ultra-leftist transgender laws provide for imprisoning biological men claiming to... Read More

Parents Ban Their Daughter From the Internet For a Year After She Pulls a Mean Prank on Her Brother

Andy Warhol once allegedly said that someday, everyone would have his 15 minutes of fame. Even if the quote is apocryphal, social media has made... Read More

Former Slipknot Drummer and Co-Founder Joey Jordison Dead At 46

In a jarring and heart-wrenching shock to rock and metal fans everywhere, Joey Jordison, the original drummer and co-founder of Slipknot, has recently died. Officially,... Read More

50% No-show Rate for Illegal Immigrants Released Into U.S. Without Court Date

Approximately 50,000 immigrants were allowed to enter the United States without being given a court date. They were told to report to an ICE office... Read More

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis states that she, and her husband Christopher Guest, are proud to watch their son become their daughter

Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis has stated that she and her husband, screenwriter Christopher Guest, are full of pride after watching their son become their... Read More

Adam Carolla canceled by Hollywood for defying Cancel Culture says free speech is totally worth it

Comedian, actor, and podcast host Adam Carolla, who has been “blacklisted” and “canceled” by Hollywood precisely for his resistance against “cancel culture”, has declared that... Read More

Twitter bans the Nation of Islam account permanently, but not for their stream of anti-Semitism

Twitter has finally banned the official “Nation of Islam” account permanently, after a string of anti-Semitic posts after been posted from the account over the... Read More

Restaurant worker killed in Philadelphia after man goes on a two-car rampage throughout the city, injuring two others and stealing another car

A restaurant worker was killed in Philadelphia on Wednesday, after a shirtless thug went on a two-car rampage throughout the city, killing the 32-year-old woman... Read More

Crowder shares experience of “physically meeting death” after pectus excavatum

Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder on Tuesday shared a selfie and a chilling account of undergoing surgery for pectus excavatum, revealing that he could “physically... Read More

Obama throwing himself a big star-packed 60th birthday party at his Martha's Vineyard Mansion amid pandemic and economic uncertainty

Against the backdrop of a still-raging COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty for many Americans, former President Barack Obama is organizing a massive party for his... Read More

VIDEO: Parents turn in to Police 2 of 3 teens wanted for brazen firefighter assault in Queens

Two out of the three teens, who have been wanted for an outrageous attack that left an off-duty firefighter beaten and injured by an out-of-control... Read More

Starbucks' Employee Claims Manager Made Her Life Hard

Managers at food establishments often have a hard time when it comes to dealing with customers who are angry about price increases and mask mandates.... Read More

Majority of Americans Pessimistic About Country's Direction

According to a recently released ABC News/Ipsos poll, 55% of Americans now say that they are pessimistic about the direction the country is headed in.... Read More

25 Years Since Women's Soccer Icon Made Headlines

It has been 25 years since Mia Hamm burst onto the national scene during her first Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Since then, the... Read More

4th graders terrorized with “equity” gender identity questions, then told to hide them from parents!

Fourth-grade students in a school in Minnesota’s Sartell-St. Stephen School District have been terrorized by being made to answer an “equity” survey which included unclear... Read More

Trump's victory margin of 424,000 votes in Pennsylvania was stolen by fraud, experts reveal

President Donald Trump in reality won the 2020 election in the state of Pennsylvania with a result of 52% to 46% for Democrat Joe Biden,... Read More

Billionaire George Soros donates $1 million to the organisation seeking to “defund the police” and “dismantle systems that unjustly harm black people”

Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros has donated $1 million to a racial justice organization that seeks to defund the police and “dismantling the systems that unjustly... Read More

Latino Mayor in Washington State deceptively claims yard sign containing lightning bolts to be “hate crime” against him!

Jimmy Matta, the Mayor of the city of Burien in Washington State, has presented images of lightning bolts on yard signs criticizing it as Nazi... Read More

Facebook flags gardening groups' posts for using the term “hoe”!

WNY Gardeners, an unassuming gardening group, has become the latest “innocent” victim to fall pretty to the botched moderation of ubiquitous big tech social media... Read More

WATCH: Biden's #MyButtsBeenWiped video trending! Freakish fresh meltdown takes Biden's senility to next level!

Democrat President Joe Biden has no doubt made countless contributions to the United States of America, first and foremost, in terms of bizarre, nationally embarrassing... Read More

VIDEO: Angry liberal heckles Tucker Carlson in fishing store, tries to insult him as “worst human being”

Another true testimony has emerged that fiery Fox News host Tucker Carlson keeps hitting the lefties where it hurts as he exposes their lies, hoaxes,... Read More

53 people shot, 7 killed since Friday as Chicago falls deeper in the crime abyss under misguided Mayor Lori Lightfoot!

Large-scale violent crime on weekends in Chicago has been so constant in recent months that it has become mundane: it’s almost become hard to keep... Read More

Elephants are not birds: Children's new book deals hefty blow to transgenderism push against America's kids!

A new conservative publisher, “Brave Books”, has launched with a bang in defense of US values, its very first release being a children’s book dealing... Read More

“I bet his pig family is crying”... Antifa criminals show their anti-human, Nazi face by cheering at the murder of Washington State Policeman!

There are hardly any proper words left in the English language to describe accurately the inhumane, anti-human, and Nazi nature of the far-left Antifa criminals.... Read More

VIDEO: A vicious mob of 100 NYC teens beats up an off-duty firefighter for no reason!

A man walking his dog, and who later turned out to be a firefighter off-duty, has been violently assaulted and beaten for no reason whatsoever... Read More

Liberal Magazine exposes NATURE as “Racist”, “Systemic Racism” keeping black folks from the outdoors!

Wokeism and anti-racist “moral crusaders” have conquered still newer heights as a liberal magazine has, in essence, portrayed nature as “racist” and has blamed “systemic... Read More

Herschel Walker rips “woke” Olympians: “This is the United States of America, why are you here?!

American football legend and Trump ally Herschel Walker has dealt a devastating blow to “woke” athletes on the US Olympics team trying to condemn and... Read More

Oliver Daemen Becomes Youngest Person to Travel to Space

Daemen is the First Paying Customer of Blue Origin At a mere 18 years old, Oliver Daemen became the youngest person to travel to space... Read More

Family Controversy When Couple Decides to Name Baby After Video Game Character

Couples Goes to Reddit for Advice About Baby Name Controversy A couple expecting their first baby took to the message board Reddit to ask for... Read More

Department of Education Takes Down Guide to Disrupt Whiteness

DOE Apologies for Linking a Radical Handbook to its School Reopening Guidance The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) is offering its apologies for tying a... Read More

Alleged Smuggler Arrested for Bringing Over 105 Illegal Immigrants

U.S. Border Crisis Intensifies as Human Smuggler Is Arrested Unrest at the U.S. border with Mexico is continuing amidst reports of a human smuggler busted... Read More

Widow puts her $1.5 million mansion up for sale after her husband's death, only for it then to be occupied by “sovereign citizens”!

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, a widow placed her $1.5 million Maryland mansion up for sale after the death of her husband last year.... Read More

Texas likely to ban Ben & Jerry's, after ice cream maker's ludicrous wokeist anti-Israel move

Texas could soon ban Ben & Jerry’s statewide after the Vermont-based ice cream maker earlier this week declared it was ending the sale of its... Read More

VIDEO: Moving moment shows lone Police Officer brave rainstorm to pay respects to deceased World War II Veteran

An Alabama police officer has received praise nationwide, offering Americans from across the country a moving and teachable moment, when he braved a rainstorm in... Read More

Devoted Trump supporter defies judge's order for removal of “F*** Biden” sign!

Andrea Dick from New Jersey, a 54-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump, is resisting a court order to remove anti-Biden signs from her property, some... Read More

VIRAL VIDEO: Outraged mother exposes “diversity, equity & inclusion” as pure Critical Race Theory in Kansas school board meeting!

An outraged young mother has exposed a mandatory “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” (DE&I) training for teachers as pure and shameless anti-American “Critical Race Theory” during... Read More

Apple introduces “pregnant man” emoji!

In the latest fit of wokeist, transgenderist corporate insanity, Apple has unveiled a “pregnant man” emoji, prompting Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest,... Read More

Google confessed that it listens to users even without triggering assistant!

Big Tech giant Google has admitted that its employees do in fact listen to people’s conversations which are recorded by Google Assistant although the users... Read More

AOC and Sanders blast Bezos for tax evasion and his post-flight speech! VIDEO

Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has come under intense criticism for comments he made in a press conference on Tuesday, after the inaugural space flight... Read More

VIDEO: Two guys walked out of a store with stolen clothes as Cops don't bother showing up for thefts under $950!

Lawlessness across of California is reaching dumbfounding proportions, with local businesses getting battered, as car break-ins and shoplifting are skyrocketing as more crime-inclined locals are... Read More

Gender reveal party gone wrong, killed a firefighter, a couple in California now charged with involuntary manslaughter

A couple in the state of California has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after their gender reveal party in the El Dorado Ranch Park sparked... Read More

Who wants a Skittle during 8 minutes in space? Bezos now safely back after a long-anticipated space trip

Exactly 52 years after America’s moon landing, in a landmark space flight of many “firsts”, world’s richest person, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos,... Read More

“Hey, Disney! Your ride is racist!” Disney Parks give Jungle Cruise ride a deplorable wokeist makeover!

The Disney theme parks have announced bewildering changes to their classic Jungle Cruise ride, woke-ifying it in order to remove “colonialist” and “racist” depictions of... Read More

VIDEO: Woman who hit car jumping protester during the George Floyd rally found not guilty!

A 37-year-old woman has been found not guilty of assault over an incident in Denver, Colorado, in May 2020, when she accidentally hit a young... Read More

The LAPD Sends Antifa Packing

The Wi Spa in Los Angeles’ Koreatown — which entered the national spotlight after a woman made a viral video in which she complained to... Read More

Tennis Star Out for Olympics Due to COVID-19, Raising Questions About Vaccination Status

Coco Gauff Shared News of Disqualification Due to COVID-19 U.S. tennis phenom Coco Gauff just shared the disappointing news that she will be unable to... Read More

Homeland Security Issues Warning to Americans Trying to Help Cuban Protestors

Cuban-Americans Funneling Supplies to Cuba to Aid Protest Efforts Cuban-Americans in Florida are attempting to funnel supplies to protestors in Cuba, drawing the attention of... Read More

Egg Hack at TikTok Went Wrong

UK Woman Injured After Trying TikTok Egg Hack TikTok has not necessarily inspired confidence lately with its hacks. First, it was people who were vaping... Read More