The Space Force became the sixth branch of the United States military in December 2019, and they are rapidly moving forward to create a Space Force Reserve in 2021. The original Space Force members were all already serving in the United States Air Force or United States Navy. The program will soon begin training its own cadets since it has now taken command of Florida’s Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

The Job of the Space Force

One of the Space Force’s primary jobs will be to acquire private sector systems and provide space operations command and training. The program will also oversee building new satellites, rockets and vehicles. This branch of the military will manage United States GPS systems and weather satellites as well.

There is also a military aspect of the Space Force. Congress charged them with protecting America’s space assets. China and Russia already have very active space force programs. They currently have ground-based missiles aimed at satellites, the ability to jam signals from satellites and ground-based directed-energy weapons.

Biden on the Space Force

While some proponents of Biden have hinted on the program’s elimination if he becomes president, that is very unlikely to occur. The program required congressional approval to begin and would require the same authorization to disband.

The Space Force Reservist

Instead, it is very likely that the program will soon become more robust with Space Force Reservist troops’ implementation. As in the National Guard, these troops would train and be ready to assist full-time soldiers in the event of a national emergency. General Jay Raymond says that he and his team have already cleared the initial hurdles but that care must be taken to prevent hurting the National Guard in any manner.