Are you proud of everything you did as a child? The reality is that most adults would have to answer with a resounding no. Yet, the radical left is determined to make people pay the price for their actions, even when they happened years earlier. Social media’s presence makes that a reality that can ruin someone’s chances of being successful even as an adult.

Mimi Groves’ Story

Mimi Groves had tried out to be a cheerleader at the University of Tennessee as an incoming freshman. After being accepted at the school, a video surfaced with her saying the N-word on the day that the 15-year-old got her driver’s permit. She shared the video with a friend on social media, who went on to share it with others.

One person who saw the video was Jimmy Galligan. He saved a copy of the video. When Mimi Groves was fixing to celebrate her acceptance as a cheerleader at the university, Galligan widely shared the video. The public outcry was swift against the university. They put enough pressure on Groves that she withdrew from the school.

Groves says that teachers and students at her school regularly used the word, and she did not understand its historical context. She says that her parents tried to teach her, but she was not listening to them as a teen. Yet, this short video has ruined her life.

The Mission of the Left

It has become the left’s mission to widely share such videos and ruin anyone’s life who refuses at any point in their lives to become a progressive Sanhedrin. For his part, Jimmy Galligan says he is proud he taught someone a lesson, although some question whether his motives weren’t for pure vengeance since he waited so long to share the video.