In a video that has recently gone viral across the internet, an American who says that he works in the restaurant industry gave an impassioned and heartfelt speech about the need to resist the outrageous lockdown measures enacted across the United States.

The 60-year-old man in the video spoke for about two minutes and 20 seconds to a crowd of assembled people inside of what looked like some kind of warehouse. He referred to the politicians and public health bureaucrats who have enacted the lockdown measures that have gutted the restaurant industry and have destroyed countless other small business across America as “criminals.”

Despite assurances from all sorts of prominent figures, from Anthony Fauci on down, that things will eventually return to normal in America once a COVID-19 vaccine has been administered, the man was deeply skeptical. Having likely seen with his own eyes how many people’s livelihoods have been destroyed, he was having none of it.

“They don’t want to let us go,” the man said. “They want complete freakin’ control of us. They don’t want us going back to normality.”

With his voice rising and the passion in his tone growing, he said, “Every freakin’ business has got to stand up and put these sons of bitches down — because if we don’t, they’re taking us out.”

This man understands that until Americans are willing to resist the lockdown measures, until they refuse to tolerate any more infringements on their liberty, they will continue to be humiliated and browbeaten by those in power.

“This isn’t about Democrat or Republican; this is about American. And I am not ready to give my country up to these people so that they can ruin my life and everybody’s life in here. We gotta stop ‘em!”

The more restrictions on their freedom that people are willing to accept, the more of them they will ultimately be subjected to. “This coming summer could be an absolute freakin’ disaster for freedom, for patriots, for this country.”

“Forget about looking forward to next Christmas with your family, next Thanksgiving with your family. It ain’t gonna happen unless we stop ‘em now.”

“I wanna finish my life owning my business,” the man said. “All I want’s my life back.”

He finished his speech with a clarion call for growing a potentially global resistance movement to the lockdowns.

It is not known what state the man is from.