One of the concerns that emerged from the coronavirus pandemic is complete submission to the state and the system, often no questions asked.

But the question arises as to what extent the state can interfere in the daily life of the individual.

At what point does the state cross the boundaries of personal freedom, and to what extent can individuals practice freedom of choice?

The left view on Anti-Mask protests?

Many on the left side of the political spectrum seem to love the fact that the state has become interventionist in their daily lives, to the point that we are dictated on what can we wear, who can we be with, and where can we go.

The argument against mandatory masks is strong, which should be evident in the culmination of anti-mask flash mobs up and down the US.

More than 40% of people do not believe in the effectiveness of masks, which is at least an indicative figure to launch a public discourse on the subject.

Yet, the left used these mobs to mock the argument whilst ignoring all of the facts, even scientific ones.

The mainstream media reports on the anti-mask flash mobs as rallies of a small group of conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists that present a danger to public health and democracy.

Scientific facts Vs. Mainstream Media

However, science has the final saying.

The America Institute of Physics researched the effectiveness of masks and concluded: “Wearing a mask may not be enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 without social distancing. Researchers tested how different types of mask impacted the spread of droplets that carry the coronavirus when we cough or sneeze. Every material tested dramatically reduced the number of droplets that were spread. But at distances of less than 6 feet, enough droplets to potentially cause illness still made it through several of the materials.”

Without the use of these verifiable facts, the left will continue to ridicule the argument and not take it seriously.

Social Media View on Anti-Masks Mobs

But it’s not just the mainstream media that is exclusive when it comes to wearing masks and questioning the justification of their use.

Left-wing commentators on various social networks are pretty loud as well.

One such user on Reddit, when responding to another user’s story about an encounter with an anti-mask flash mob in Salt Lake City, said “They seem like real jacka****. Sorry, you have to deal with people that not only can’t do the bare f***** minimum by wearing a mask but also feel the need to risk your life while you’re at work by acting the fool.”

The same user compared anti-maskers to Nazis, claiming that the group used Nazi imagery.

Of course, there is no living evidence to support such claims.

Where do we go from here?

There will be people that these anti-mask flash mobs won’t win over, and that’s completely fine.

Contradiction and difference of opinion are desirable and present now, as it always has been.

But the imposition of an idea and an opinion leads beyond the principles advocated by the left, which should be the right to think, act, and speak.

Comparing over 40% of people who disagree with wearing masks and question their justification with the Nazis is, to say the least, exclusive and unfair.