The firearms sale in the United States has risen to new heights in 2020. The overwhelming demand has choked the arms supply lines, and the shelves of most arms stores have long since been emptied.

The long queues that could be seen last week in many US states were the result of the fact that suddenly more customers started coming than usual, but also due to the fact that only a certain number of people could enter the store at the same time.

The sale figure tallies at 21 million-circa guns in 2020 - a whopping 73 percent increase as compared to 2019.

The data is released by a watchdog group, The Trace, which has been a vocal antagonist to arms promotion and has extracted this analysis from the FBI’s antecedent data.

Pandemic and Joe Biden

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System reveals that more than 21 million guns were sold out legally from January to November. The Trace reports that the highest firearms sale was recorded in June when 2.7 million guns including a million rifles or around 1.7 million handguns were sold.

In July, the figure reached 2.5 million guns. As expected, the firearms demand started arising in March when 2 million guns were sold out due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The underlying cause behind this trend can also be found in the upcoming anti-arms Democratic President Joe Biden. Many Americans believe the new president will further tighten the laws and conditions that determine who, when, and how many weapons can be purchased.

On Joe Biden’s website, it is clear that his anti-gun violence program plans to reduce arms stockpiling, and introduce more rigorous controls to reduce the number of casualties, which last year amounted to about 40,000 victims.

There have been several events in the U.S. in the past that have triggered a sharp rise in demand for weapons and ammunition. The last were the election of President Barack Obama and the protest marches in March 2018.

Although 2020 has been a tough year for all, the Americans have taken full leverage of the second constitutional amendment.