When we already thought that the nonsense about skin color and white privileges had reached its climax, some of the Grammy Award-nominated artists did their best to prove us wrong.

Three artists producing songs for children, Alastair Moock, Dog on Fleas, and The Okee Dokee Brothers, were revolted and decided to turn down this year’s Grammy Award nominations for Best Children’s Album.

This isn’t the first time someone has turned down a nomination for an award. Athletes and artists often choose to make such a move motivated by a variety of reasons.

But the reason why these bands decided to decline the award is surprising, to say the least.

Alastair Moock, Dog on Fleas, and The Okee Dokee Brothers turned down their own Grammy nomination because all the nominees - are white.

The funny thing is - they are also all white.

Yes, you read that right.

Although the profession does not recognize skin color as a crucial and valid condition when evaluating one’s work, these bands obviously believe that skin color is more important than the quality of the work itself.

Alastair Moock stated that he would like to get a Grammy, but it would be wrong to win in an unfair and uneven competition in which only white-skinned performers are nominated.

The singer failed to explain how the absence of other races in the nominations creates unfair competition, especially considering that the only factor in selecting the nominees is the number of plays and the quality of the work.

It is important to note that the mentioned author is so obsessed with political events and social movements that in his last album “Be a pain”, he served and forced his political views to the children.

What does the future hold?

The Grammy will, as Oscar has already done, likely introduce quotas based on race, sexual orientation, and gender.

The quality will not be as important. Actually, it will not be important at all.

It no longer matters what the song is like or whether the movie is good.

The only thing that matters is: Who is the author, and more importantly - is he the right skin color.

Would the NBA gain in quality if there was a racial quota implemented?

I don’t think so.