A large group of Antifa rioters marched in New York City on Sunday, demanding that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence leave office now. The supporters of Antifa were dressed in riot gear, including shields and helmets, as they carried signs calling for the impeachment of the president. At least one person was seen waving a Black Lives Matter flag, a rallying cry of the rioters.

Rioters Degrade Cops

One of the key goals of the march was to degrade the cops who bravely serve their communities each day. One of the rioters was dressed in a cop costume while wearing a pig mask on his head, clearly showing his disdain for law enforcement personnel.

Vulgarities Abound

This group of rioters was anything but peaceful. As they marched through Times Square and beyond, the rioters repeatedly screamed obscenities to make their demands known to everyone. In addition, a supporter of the president claimed that she was attacked by the group while filming the activity. She said that the mob attacked her with an umbrella.

The group claimed that the riot was an anti-fascist victory. The people also said that they were able to neutralize the Proud Boys and the MAGA movement.

Media Silence Is Deafening

Despite the large group and the vulgarities of many of the chants and costumes, the media has remained largely silent on the event. The hypocrisy of the media to not cover this type of riot with as much ferocity as they do other events is deafening.