Large social media companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have long been working to throttle the voices of conservatives, Trump supporters and any other political dissidents on the right, lately going so far as to ban even the president himself from Twitter.

Countless others have now left Twitter for alternative sites like Parler or Gab.

The left knows that it’s fighting an information war, and to win, it must control the flow of information and prevent anything that exposes their lies and distortions from emerging.

But for the right to have any chance of winning — or even to survive — it must have somewhere to turn after Big Tech gives it the boot. Thankfully, alternative tech platforms and websites exist that do not censor people for their political views.

Here are a just few of them.

Alternatives to Twitter

Parler has emerged as the most popular alternative to Twitter thus far, though the coordinated strike on it from Apple, Amazon and other large tech firms have seriously damaged its ability to function. Its CEO John Matze insists that it will be back online soon.

Other alternatives to Twitter include sites like Gab and CloutHub.

Alternatives to Facebook

One excellent alternative to Facebook is Minds. Minds is a blockchain-based social media site that takes advantage of how blockchains work to make it impossible for even those who run Minds to censor people or to delete their accounts. Anyone who cares about free speech should give Minds a look.

MeWe is another promising alternative to Facebook.

Alternatives to Facebook Messenger

Those who want to send messages to people without fear that activist tech oligarchs could sweep up their data and use it to ruin their lives should check out Signal. This app has encryption so strong that even Edward Snowden has recommended using it.

Telegram Messenger is another, and it has the added advantage of allowing you to upload large files.

Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube and its owner Google have been among the worst offenders in the tech wars over censorship, purging countless creators on one absurd pretext or another for years now.

Thankfully, alternatives to YouTube, like BitChute, LBRY, Rumble, Vimeo and Brighteon are available to droves. LBRY (or Oddysee) is an especially excellent alternative to those who care about free speech and deplatfoming. Like Minds, LBRY is blockchain-based, and so users’ content can never be deleted by the site — not even by its owners.

Alternative Search Engines and Web Browsers

Mozilla’s recent statements on tech censorship have been disgustingly creepy. Don’t use Firefox under any circumstances. Google is also well known to spy on users, collect information on them without their knowledge and deliberately manipulate search results to keep you from finding things that challenge mainstream narratives.

Unlike browsers like Google Chrome, the Brave Browser doesn’t do that. Brave blocks both data-gathering software and ads of all kinds from running. Opera is another great alternative browser.

Search engines like DuckDuckGo, Qwant and Yandex don’t do the things that Google does. Use them instead of Google.

Alternatives to Fox News

Fox News originally stabbed President Trump in the back by refusing to report on the overwhelming evidence of election fraud and irregularities in 2020. Now, it appears to be marching more-or-less in lockstep with the MSM.

If you want access to a few more traditional news sources that won’t kowtow to the Establishment, check out channels like One America News, Newsmax and NTD.

Newspapers like the Epoch Times are also excellent sources. Right Side Broadcasting is another great way to watch events live and without manipulative media commentary.

Now that the Drudge Report is useless, you should check out news aggregators like Populist Press and Whatfinger.