If you thought that witch-hunting is over - Well, you are wrong!

Hollywood stars, and even those who consider themselves stars like Macaulay Culkin, are not giving up on criticism of President Trump.

And don’t get me wrong, no one has a problem with criticism! At least, no one should.

Everyone should have the right to practice free speech and express their opinion, despite recent events that tell otherwise.

But censorship in American society, and especially in the “realm” of the entertainment industry, media, and technology, simply seems to know no bounds.

The latest example of such censorship, after a turbulent week in which many celebrities and Big Tech companies supported the censoring of free speech, comes from a small portion of Caulkin’s fans.

The star of one of the biggest Christmas movie hits, Macaulay Culkin, supports the removal of the character of Donald Trump, who briefly appears in the movie “Home Alone 2”

“Digitally replace Trump in “Home Alone 2”

One Twitter user wrote that she would launch a petition to cut out the scene in which Trump appears in the movie.

Culkin replied - “Sold”.

Another user went a little further and digitally deleted Trump himself. Culkin responded to his amateur work - “Bravo”.

How Trump ended up in “Home Alone 2”

According to Chris Columbus, director of the Christmas themed blockbuster, Trump’s cameo appearance was not in the pan.

The sequel to the blockbuster was filmed in 1992, and the filmmaker recalled what the filming deal looked like in the hotel lobby, which Trump owned at the time.

Columbus said Trump did not ask for money for his appearance in the movie, and that the audience responded well to his appearance.

However, things have changed since then, and now everyone is trying to jump on a hate train…

This wasn’t the first time Trump has been removed from the big screen.

The Canadian CBC removed eight minutes from “Home Alone 2” two years ago, including this scene.

Trump, of course, didn’t like it, since the whole thing was politically motivated or better say influenced by Justin Trudeau.

Today, the mainstream media is trying to create an image of President Trump as a person who “blackmailed” producers to get some time on the TV screens.

The same people that begged him to produce their projects for free at his properties…