Left-wing celebrities are always quick to give their opinions regarding President Donald Trump!

Yet, many of them do not realize is how severe the consequences might be to regular people who use social media, as they dance and celebrate in their luxury houses and mansions.

The social media wide ban of the President is a concerning one, yet celebrated across Hollywood as an act of courage.

Celebrities such as Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Ruffalo, and Mark Hamill were all quick to applaud and praise social media companies like Twitter for their actions, citing it was ‘the right thing to do’.

These celebrities, who shout the loudest when it comes to criticizing President Trump, yet fall flat when faced with the reality of their lies.

Watching people like Sacha Baron Cohen constantly campaign for the President’s ban is frightening, as his fans stay blind-sighted to his bias.

What did Sacha Baron Cohen say?

Sacha Baron Cohen has been a big critic of the President throughout his four years in office.

However, the Hollywood delusion regarding the social media ban is scary.

He first called for the President to be silenced after the Capitol Hill riots, calling on Twitter to permanently suspend him:

“@Twitter, @jack – 5 people are dead because of Trump’s election lies–lies you helped spread! How many more have to die before you ban Trump from Twitter?! Today, civil rights groups are calling on you to do the right thing!”

He thereafter victoriously celebrated after the ban was confirmed, tweeting:

“Twitter finally banned Trump! We did it!”

Yet, what Sacha Baron Cohen fails to realize, whilst he and his Hollywood pals celebrate the permeant ban of the sitting US President, is that by allowing companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to have the last saying in the internet space, they are allowing social media companies completely filter the right to be timely and truthfully informed.

For example, Twitter’s burying of the Hunter Biden story is a pretty good example of what happens when you put a dangerous amount of power into an individual’s hands.

Uganda paradox

If companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have the power to silence the president’s voice, then they have the power to go after anyone who holds a dissenting opinion.

However, as the old saying goes, what comes around goes around, and Twitter certainly got theirs in Uganda this week.

The general election in Uganda is fast approaching, an election which many believe to be highly corrupt, with the military being deployed on the streets.

The Ugandan government has now banned access to social media apps in the country, days before the election is due to take place.

Twitter responded to this ban, tweeting on their public policy account:

“Ahead of the Ugandan election, we’re hearing reports that Internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps. We strongly condemn internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the principles of the #OpenInternet.”

Isn’t that funny?

Twitter is now suddenly against censorship on the internet, nearly a week after permanently censoring the President of the United States and after an entire election campaign of burying and censoring his tweets.

The issue with social media censorship and the compliance of companies such as Facebook and Twitter is that they just don’t care.

They don’t.

Surely they will claim and pretend to protect users and safety.

However, what they’re actually doing is making sure they’re on the right side of the new US government, so they can continue to abuse their privileges and silence whoever they want.

This is not acceptable, and it needs to change. Now.