Youtube has suspended Trump’s channel for at least a week, and possibly longer, after his channel violated the platform’s rules, the company announced Tuesday night.

Youtube stated that the last video on Donald Trump’s channel incited violence, and was removed.

Youtube also removed content from the White House channel

YouTube declined to share details of the video that led to the removal of Trump’s profile, but said that the ban decision would be reconsidered after a week.

YouTube also removed content from the White House channel for violating the rules, the company added.

To this day, Youtube was the only large technology company that did not ban Trump’s profile, but that has changed with today’s decision.

Facebook and Instagram removed Trump’s profiles indefinitely, while Twitter banned him completely and forever.

Youtube turned off the commenting option

YouTube also noted that it will take additional steps and turn off the commenting option below the remaining videos on the Trump channel.

According to YouTube policy, the second removal of the content brings a two-week suspension, and the third a permanent ban on publishing the content.

With this decision, YouTube has joined the group of media and technology companies that pursue a policy of censorship under the guise of the fight against “inciting violence”.

Like content on other platforms, YouTube is full of violent and inflammatory videos and posts, but the criteria for sanctioning such content is, to say the least, selective.

Calls for a boycott

Understandably, a large number of Trump’s subscribers, but also those who oppose censorship, have called for a boycott of YouTube services to send a clear message that censorship has no place on the Internet.

An even larger number of users oppose YouTube’s policy of reviewing the content of certain users before posting their content, especially in the case when users have no chance to have their saying, as it is the case today.

Details about the reasons for removing Trump’s video are not known, and President Trump was not given the opportunity to challenge Youtube’s decision.