CNN’s Jim Acosta, a performance artist who plays a journalist on TV, is famous—or infamous—for his decision to spend the entire duration of the Trump administration clutching his pearls and telling left-elite America all about how the Orange Man is bad.

Well, no more!

Acosta Gets a Weekend Show

On January 11, Acosta tweeted that he would no longer be CNN’s chief White House correspondent. “On to the next adventure!” Acosta said. “After eight years at WH, I’m moving into a new role as anchor on weekends and chief domestic correspondent for CNN, a new challenge I’m very excited about.”

CNN has reported that Kaitlan Collins will replace Acosta as the new chief White House correspondent.

Why Has CNN Made This Decision?

It’s not clear whether this decision was made to reward Acosta for being such a loyal lackey to the corporate paymasters behind CNN and the political and bureaucratic control freaks to whom they are connected. Another possible explanation for the change is that CNN has secretly known all along that Acosta, despite his blatant incompetence as a journalist, would be useful for making Trump look bad. Without Trump in the White House, such an obviously indispensable service to the true elite would no longer be required.

In a pseudo-article describing the changes, CNN said that, “The new assignments all point in a hard news direction.” This raises the question: Is CNN suggesting that it was not interested in doing hard news for the last four years? Is it accidentally admitting the truth?

Or, conversely, one might ask this question: If Jim Acosta were really a serious journalist rather than the agenda-driven sideshow clown that everyone with half a brain knows him to be, wouldn’t it be important to keep him as chief White House correspondent so that he could continue to doggedly hold the powerful to account?

In any event, the usual slew of suspects, from politicians to activists and actors, all did their part and praised Acosta on Twitter for his monumental accomplishments.

Does It Really Matter?

Of course, in the end, speculations about why CNN has reassigned Acosta don’t amount to anything. It would only be meaningful to ask such questions if CNN were a serious news network rather than the blatantly propagandistic mouthpiece for the interests of the powerful that it so obviously is.

Even if CNN does decide to go in a more “hard news” direction upon Biden’s accession to the presidency, this will only mean a change in rhetoric and style—not substance.

The same agenda—pushed by an elite that despises and seeks to browbeat the people it governs and ostensibly represents—will still remain.

The fact that that agenda may be expressed a bit less querulously and a bit more cleverly for the next four years shouldn’t really be important.

Congratulations to Jim Acosta! Now he will be spreading very fake news on his own show instead of at the White House.