The chaos at the Capitol protests on January 6 has, unsurprisingly, spawned a web of propaganda and nonsense in which each side works to present things in a light that is favorable to themselves but which may not be true.

Some things have been verified, such as that Antifa and BLM members were present among the throngs of Trump supports who were in Washington that day. Other things remain unclear and may be subject to interpretation.

Eyewitness accounts from people who were there may be the best way for us to get a handle on the situation and come as close as possible to figuring out what really happened.

Infiltrators and Pipe Bombs From an Eyewitness Account

Last Friday, a man calling himself “William” called into the morning radio show of Marc Cox, a Missouri-based radio talk show host on 97.1 FM Talk Radio.

When he called in, William started off by declaring that, though he was in Washington, D.C., on January 6 to support President Trump, he never went into the Capitol building and had no intention of ever doing so. “I am a patriot,” he said.

William then proceeded to describe his exact location at the time things got out of hand. He stated that he was near a large, white SUV that was near the steps of the Capitol building and that was almost certainly a government vehicle.

But then, astonishingly, he went on to say that at one point, he was as little as 5 feet away from an agent provocateur who was “trying to put a pipebomb (sic) inside the water system of the Capitol.”

While he did not deny that Trump supporters were present and that some of them even went into the Capitol, he insisted that they were “infiltrated by an organized operation” and that even the Capitol Police appeared to be involved.

Were the Police in on It?

Describing the reaction of Trump supporters to what they were seeing, William talked about how they tackled and grabbed the man whom they found attempting to plant a bomb and handed him over to the Capitol Police.

However, “45 minutes later, that same guy was up on the Capitol, helping people climb the wall” and inciting a riot. It appears, therefore, that the Capitol Police willingly released a man from custody who was caught trying to plant a bomb in the Capitol.

Marc Cox, astonished, asked for clarification about police involvement in encouraging the chaos. He asked William whether the police were really involved, and William plainly replied in the affirmative.

These are extraordinary accusations. Not only were Antifa and other infiltrators present in the crowd and seeking to incite violence, but the police appear to have allowed it to happen.

We can only speculate as to why the police would do that.

It seems the swamp is alive and well.