A Twitter user going by the handle @infamouschar shared a picture of a man — who is supposedly Native American, but with all of the nonsense and politically motivated hoaxing that’s online these days, one can never really be sure — wearing a red t-shirt that says “Caucasians” across the front.

The shirt is apparently meant to mock the former name of the football team, the Washington Redskins, since the logo on the shirt resembles the former Redskins’ logo but has a white person on it.

It’s not clear whether this was a ham-handed and inane attempt at social commentary or just a joke, but the internet hilariously excoriated the poster anyway.

The Internet Attacks Something Stupid

Why did the internet mock this? Well, for one thing, the Washington Redskins are no longer called the Washington Redskins. The team changed its name to the much more bland Washington Football Team during the 2018 season in response to online outrage that the old name was offensive to Native Americans.

Of course, almost the only people offended by the name are woke white people, not Native Americans. A Washington Post poll from 2016 concluded that 90% of Native Americans were not offended by the term at all.

And to add yet another reason to pour scorn on all of this, white people were not offended by the shirt at all. If the response on Twitter is any indicator, the image — which has been retweeted more than 80,000 times and liked more than 640,000 times as of Jan. 12 — only made white people like the shirt and decide that they wanted it.

What Was Even the Point of This?

Undoubtedly, the claimed motivation behind this risible little stunt will be the desire to shake white people out of their supposed racial torpor, to make them understand that their alleged “privileged position” in society can make them blind to the ways in which certain terms can be harmful to other racial groups.

Just as undoubtedly, the real reasons behind this absurd little display are a smug desire to appear superior and an uncontrollable urge to browbeat white people for seemingly everything — even things that aren’t even things anymore.

We’ve long since reached peak absurdity when it comes to the racial grievance culture. The internet, thankfully, knows this well and has decided to just laugh.