The founder of the counter-protest group ‘Insurgence USA’, John Sullivan, 26, has been caught on video taking part in the Capitol Hill riots that occurred last week.

Mr. Sullivan, who was interviewed by Fox last week, claimed he was there as a journalist to document the events and that he was ‘not being active’ in the violence.

However, the video footage that was streamed live to his discord channel has leaked and revealed the full extent of Mr. Sullivan’s involvement.

In the video, Mr. Sullivan can be heard inciting some of the violence that took place, ordering rioters to burn the place to the ground.

Later on, Mr. Sullivan can be heard gloating to some other rioters about smashing a window that allowed a large group to enter the premises and cause more destruction and vandalism.

Insurgence USA founder then moved on up through the Capitol and was present and recording when Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force vet, was shot dead by federal law enforcement for attempting to climb through a window.

This video was obtained anonymously via

Who are Insurgence USA?

Insurgence USA is a counter-protest group that was founded by Mr. Sullivan and others after the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020.

The group aims to end police brutality against black people and to empower the voices of ethnic minorities.

This group is believed to have connections with the Black Lives Matter movement, allegedly assisting in the organization and participation of numerous protests and riots across the country.

However, the presence of their founder at the riots last week has sparked the belief that this group, and others such as Antifa, had involvement in the violence.

President Donald Trump and many of his supporters online have used this theory to explain why a mass amount of violence broke out after the original peaceful protest in DC, as many left-wing protest groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter are known to have an outbreak of violence at their events.

This belief has been dismissed by the FBI and the media, citing that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that these groups caused the violence.

So, what happened to John Sullivan?

After the leak of his video online, John Sullivan and roughly 100 others have been apprehended and arrested by the FBI for their involvement in the violence.

Whilst the vast majority of the arrests made were that of legitimate Trump supporters, the arrest of Mr. Sullivan is the first that is known to have connections to left-wing groups like Insurgence USA and Antifa.

Mr. Sullivan now awaits trial in Utah for one felony account of interfering with law enforcement, and charges of unlawful entry and disorderly conduct.