As we near the end of Donald Trump’s term in office, Big Tech has put the squeeze on conservatives, and no one appears to be safe — not even the still-sitting president himself.

Big Tech’s Agenda Against Conservatives

The events at the Capitol Building on January 6 have been weaponized by Big Tech to declare war on everyone who disagrees with the consensus reached within the elite left-wing bubble. Big Tech has long been banning conservatives and other dissidents from this consensus for simply speaking their minds and sharing information, but now, the tech titans have really been unleashed.

The blatant hypocrisy of progressives — who make such a big show of concern for the little guy — teaming up with multibillion-dollar corporations to suppress that same little guy’s speech is almost too absurd for words.

The hypocrisy of the tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg — who once couldn’t stop talking about how Facebook brought people together and helped them communicate — is no less glaring.

But this hypocrisy and inconsistency conceal a deeper — and much scarier — kind of consistency. Now that the digital octopus has been unchained, we will see it all unfold in its terrible glory.

The Cold, Hard Reality of Power

It has long been a stock argument of conservatives that leftists are hypocrites — and so they are.

But in always incredulously pointing to this hypocrisy, conservatives have forgotten one extraordinarily important thing: that in the realm of politics, there are no such things as law, evidence, or truth. In the realm of politics, the only thing that’s real is power. Everything else is but a mask behind which power hides.

Conservatives’ stubborn inability to understand this is one of the major reasons why they consistently keep losing battle after battle in the culture war against the left.