Actor Matthew McConaughey, who for some time now has been critical of the left and its “cancel culture,” recently appeared on Jordan Peterson’s podcast — and the left is furious.

They want to cancel him now.

The Daily Beast Wants to Cancel McConaughey

As an Academy Award winner and an actor who has starred in movies like Dazed and Confused and Dallas Buyer’s Club, as well as in shows like True Detective, McConaughey’s decades-long career and many fine performances have brought him respect and acclaim the world over.

But that’s not enough to keep left-wing propaganda rags like The Daily Beast to call for ruining his career.

What horrible crime did McConaughey commit to earn such treatment? He had the audacity to go on Jordan Peterson’s podcast and talk about his new book, a memoir called Greenlights.

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychology professor who rose to prominence in 2016 because he publicly opposed a newly emerging Canadian law that would compel people to refer to all those who claim to be transgender by the pronouns they wish to be called by. Peterson opposed this law not because he had any problem with transgender people, but just on the principle that no one should be compelled to say things that they don’t want to say.

The Daily Beast article accuses McConaughey of “flirting with alt-right darlings,” a charge which is patently absurd on multiple levels. First, the alt-right was a term first used by a new group of white nationalists. After the events of Charlottesville in 2017, the alt-right proper had essentially collapsed as it’s no longer a force in American politics — except in the fever dreams of left-wing pseudo-journalists.

Second, Peterson is not a white nationalist and has denounced the ideology countless times. Indeed, one of the reasons why Peterson is so critical of cancel culture is that he believes that the extreme behavior of the left will only attract more people to the extreme right. Moreover, actual white nationalists despise Peterson and have called him a “gatekeeper.”

And to add one final absurdity to the already enormous pile, McConaughey himself has fairly left-wing views, all things considered. He simply does not like being bullied and told what to think or how to act.

Signs of an Emerging Backlash?

McConaughey is an actor and therefore a creative person, one that it’s safe to say is comfortable with, and even interested in, a broad range of unusual ideas. A psychologist like Peterson would be the first to tell you that actors and other creative types score high on openness when they take personality tests.

It shouldn’t be surprising that such people would bristle under the almost unbelievably minute and specific restrictions on freedom of thought that cancel culture places upon all within its purview. What is surprising is that more people like McConaughey aren’t standing up.

Perhaps that’s a testament to the power of groupthink. Or perhaps it means that there are many in Hollywood who are simply too rich and comfortable to think that cancel culture could ever do them any harm.

At any rate, it’s heartening that McConaughey is standing up without fear of being canceled.

May other influential people follow his lead.