As many have already pointed out, quite a few things about the January 6 storming of the Capitol building by protestors in Washington, D.C. appear extremely suspicious.

For one thing, how is it that a group of unarmed protestors were able to so easily bypass squadrons of heavily armed police guarding a building that is normally one of the most secure in the entire world?

Why are there reports that Antifa and BLM thugs who infiltrated the pro-Trump protests and were found attempting to plant bombs at the Capitol were released by the police mere minutes after Trump supporters in the crowd brought this nefarious activity to the attention of law enforcement?

Thanks to John Solomon, we may be getting the beginnings of the answers to such questions — and they don’t look good.

FOIA Request Denied Because It’s “Personally Embarrassing” to the Police

Just the News’ John Solomon said on January 13 that the D.C. police denied his FOIA request for documents pertaining to their investigation of what happened at the Capitol on January 6.

Particularly damning is the excuse that Solomon was given for having his request denied. He said that the police told him that releasing such documents to the public would be “personally embarrassing” to the department.

To even further add to the air of suspicion and corruption surrounding all of this, the FBI also confirmed that the attack on the Capitol was actually planned several days in advance. If that’s true, then how could President Trump have possibly “incited violence” that day?

Conspiracy or Incompetence?

In addition, Solomon said that certain inside sources within the D.C. Police Department leaked maps and other internal documents which were used by rioters — likely, it seems, the Antifa and BLM agents provocateurs that were implanted amid the crowds — to help them plan their attack and navigate the Capitol.

Things have gotten so bad that the U.S. Attorney is building a conspiracy case against the D.C. police.

Who else was involved? Who else knew about this? McConnell? Pelosi? If they did know, then this latest impeachment of the president — just like the first one — is an utterly corrupt farce. If they didn’t know, then D.C. police are, at the least, grossly incompetent.

If the police were involved and cooperated with the agents provocateurs, who gave them the order to do so? D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser? Or did the order come from even higher up the chain?