Jacob Blake has held his first interview since he was shot seven times for disobeying police orders and admits that he was armed in the altercation, contrary to what the media claimed at the time.

In the interview, Blake explains that he was armed with a pocket knife, that he originally dropped in his first altercation with Kenosha officers.

Blake also admitted that he picked the knife back up, stating that he “wasn’t thinking clearly”.

He then moved to his car after he was tased and shot.

What did the mainstream media report?

Multiple mainstream media outlets, big corporations such as CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc, all ran the story immediately, claiming that Jacob Black was unarmed when he was shot by police, running with the headline tag of “an unarmed black man”.

These reports also included witness statements, which they took as verifiable facts.

Witnesses reported that Jacob Blake was trying to resolve a dispute between two women in the street.

This was later proven false, as the police presence was due to the fact, they had a warrant for his arrest for sexual assault charges.

The witnesses also claimed that Blake was unarmed and that there was no knife in his car or on his person.

They also left out the fact that the officer who tased Blake, multiple times shouted “Drop the knife!”.

So, what actually happened?

Police were called to the residence of Jacob Blake’s fiancé after reports of a domestic disturbance, and sexual assault.

The officers arrived at the scene to find Blake in the street with two women.

As the officers tried to arrest him, Blake resisted and struggled to break free, where he says he dropped his knife that was on his person.

He picked it up and continued to resist arrest, which resulted in him being tasered multiple times.

Still, he made it to the vehicle that he didn’t own, and where his kids were during the whole incident.

The officers ordered him to drop the knife, which he refused to do.

He made it to the car, opened the door, and was shot seven times in the back, with the police claiming he reached for an enclosed compartment.

Jacob Blake was partially paralyzed as a result of the shooting.

However, what followed after was much worse.

As a result of the media’s biased reports on this event, big riots erupted in Kenosha, which resulted in the destruction of property and the death of two rioters, who were apart of a mob that started to attack Kyle Rittenhouse, who allegedly shot them in self-defense.