On January 11, Michigan judge Kevin Elsenheimer — the same judge who allowed IT workers to perform a forensic audit on some of Dominion’s Michigan voting machines in December — has now ordered Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to reveal to the public all of her communications about the 2020 election with a slew of the big tech companies and Dominion Voting Systems.

The Saga of a Corrupt Secretary of State

Ever since the 2020 election, when damning information about election fraud in Michigan and other states began to emerge, Benson has displayed a pattern of egregiously corrupt behavior all designed to cover up her culpability and that of her Democratic cohorts in allowing and encouraging that fraud to take place.

For one thing, when journalist Shane Trejo released audio of election officials in Detroit coaching election workers on how to commit fraud and improperly scan or refuse to scan ballots, Benson threatened to go after both him and the organization he works for, Big League Politics.

She has also fought mightily to prevent forensic audits of voting machines from happening in Michigan, to prevent court cases and hearings outlining the evidence of election fraud in the case to receive full and fair attention, and generally to try and silence anyone who insists that what happened in Michigan on Election Day 2020 was criminal.

This is despite the fact that one voting machine in Antrim County was detected to have improperly switched 6,000 votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, and that further forensic inspections of a few of Dominion’s voting machines discovered an astonishing 68.05% error rate that led ballots to be sent to adjudication.

This means that these ballots were sent to human counters who had full discretion to decide which candidates the people who filled out the ballots “really” meant to vote for. There was no oversight for this process, and hence, massive latitude for fraud.

With Judge Elsenheimer’s order, however, some more light may finally be shed on all of this shadiness.

The Contents of the Judge’s Order

Benson has been ordered to supply Elsenheimer with certain information by February 2, 2021. That information must include all of her correspondences and communication with Dominion and with any employee, officer, or director of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon regarding the 2020 election.

Benson attempted to object to this order, but her objections were overruled.

It is virtually certain that an enormous trove of information about what really happened on Election Day will now see the light of day, though it is curious that Democrats like Benson have fought so fiercely to keep this from happening.