Despite supposedly receiving more votes than any other presidential candidate in history, Joe Biden seems incredibly spooked in the lead-up to his inauguration.

In the days leading up to the January 20 ceremony, Washington, D.C., has been turned into a military zone with troop levels not seen even in well-known war zones like Baghdad.

Militarized Washington

As of the current moment, there are reports that as many as 35,000 National Guard troops may be in Washington, D.C. That’s more troops than are currently stationed by the U.S. in either Iraq or Afghanistan. The soldiers have been moving into the city gradually over the last few days before reaching their current level.

Not only is D.C. crawling with soldiers, but those soldiers are all armed and have even been authorized to use deadly force if necessary.

Moreover, there are military checkpoints surrounding downtown D.C. Troops have established both Green Zone and Red Zone perimeters, and all people—including District residents—are required to show ID before being allowed to either enter or leave the downtown area where the inauguration ceremony is set to take place.

A Green Zone is an area into and out of which only residents are allowed to move. National Guard forces will verify all traffic with ID checks. A Red Zone is an area that absolutely no vehicles whatsoever may move through, unless they have special placards on them.

Also, all airlines have banned guns and other weapons from being placed into checked luggage on all flights going into the D.C. area.

One video after another depicting these militarized scenes has been circulating all over the internet. One video posted by Newsmax’s Sean Spicer shows military checkpoints near the Lincoln Memorial and cars blocking the road on 16th Street. There are many other clips of people being forced to stop and show ID or of them driving while surrounded by military vehicles.

Bridges leading into D.C. from Virginia have been closed off as well.

What’s Going On?

One must ask, why this absolutely unprecedented level of security? Why make D.C. look like a war zone?

The country has been told that this is because the FBI has supposedly received “credible threats” that there will armed groups trying to get into D.C., but the FBI has never explained the details of this alleged intelligence to the public. Furthermore, President Trump has repeatedly urged his supporters to stay out of D.C., and many prominent conservative commentators, both on TV and online, have urged the same thing.

Plus, the fact that the FBI now admits that the Capitol riot was planned in advance and that there were agents provocateurs in the crowds—meaning that President Trump could not possibly have incited any violence on January 6—makes one suspicious.

There are also reports that Biden’s transition team is demanding to know who each National Guard member stationed in D.C. voted for.

Just what is going on?