Election fraud happened in the 2020 election. This is an indisputable fact, and anyone attempting to tell you otherwise is simply lying to you.

Since the evidence for this fact is so blatant and so overwhelming, the only genuinely effective propaganda tactic that the corporate media complex and the establishment politicians in both parties can use to keep the public in the dark is to bury the information.

But fraud did happen, and here are just five of the most blatant and egregious cases of it.

1. GOP Poll Watchers Were Illegally Blocked From Counting Rooms in Swing States

In all elections, poll watchers from all major parties must, by law, be allowed into vote-counting rooms. If representatives from all parties are allowed to watch votes being counted, then they will be able to mount objections to anything that they see that doesn’t look right to them. Since all parties are allowed to object and there is no bias in favor of one or the other party, the overall results are more likely to be fair.

This process was not followed at all in a number of major swing states in 2020.

There is both video and photographic evidence of Democratic poll workers illegally excluding Republican poll watchers from counting rooms. One video from a man in Philadelphia has him describing how GOP poll watchers were corralled and prevented from being able to see what Democrats were up to.

Others show people with valid poll watcher certificates not being allowed to observe the process because they were Republicans. Still, more video shows poll workers in Detroit placing cardboard over windows to keep out prying Republican eyes.

It cannot be emphasized enough that this is illegal and provides endless opportunities for fraud.

2. USPS Drivers Say They Were Told to Move Up to 288,000 Ballots Across State Lines

USPS truck drivers like Jesse Morgan have given detailed testimony describing how they were ordered to transport anywhere from 130,000 to 288,000 ballots from Bethpage, NY, to Lancaster, PA. The ballots and the trailer used to ship them then totally vanished.

Why were ballots that were printed up in New York being sent over to Pennsylvania in the dead of night?

Also, Morgan says that he sat for hours waiting in Harrisburg, PA, for a post office supervisor to give him the slip indicating that he had done this overtime work. The supervisor refused to do so.

Again, why the fear of leaving behind some kind of official record of these deliveries?

3. Five States Suddenly Stop Counting in the Middle of the Night and Magically Find Votes for Biden

Five swing states had all shut down their efforts to count votes at approximately 2:00 a.m. after Election Day. At the time of the shutdown, President Trump was winning in all of those states.

Then, by the next morning, all of the votes that Biden needed to regain the lead in all of those states magically appeared!

In Michigan and Wisconsin, enormous vote dumps of more than 100,000 votes each happened at this time. Virtually all of the votes in these dumps were for Biden. Vertical spikes for the states documented these votes coming in all at once. The same sort of thing is documented in Pennsylvania as well.

This is astronomically improbable. Anyone who sees this has a right to be extremely suspicious.

4. Vote Switching

The idea that voting machines can switch votes has been derided by the mainstream press as a “conspiracy theory,” but this has been documented to happen multiple times—and always to the detriment of President Trump, which indicates that these so-called “glitches” are not random.

In Antrim County, MI, voting machines switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. This was only found because the traditionally red county mysteriously went for Biden in 2020.

Garland Favorito was able to find the same thing happening in a county in Georgia, and he showed that it was not a one-off error but that the machines had likely been preprogrammed to switch votes.

Arizona lawmakers who examined Dominion voting machines found the same thing.

5. The Late-Night Georgia Suitcase Dump

This is perhaps the most powerful piece of evidence because it captures blatant fraud occurring right on video.

After shooing GOP poll watchers away, poll workers at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta pulled massive black suitcases out from under tables, pulled ballots out of them, and began running those ballots through scanners over and over again.

This is blatantly illegal.

Election fraud happened in 2020. Those insisting otherwise are either lying or misinformed.