In the wake of everything that has happened to President Donald Trump in the last few weeks, he may just be about to receive his worst blow yet!

Having been accused of inciting a riot, censored on his favorite social media outlets, and impeached for a record-breaking second time, President Trump is now facing the daunting possibility of being digitally removed from the 90’s Christmas classic: Home Alone 2.

Trump originally appeared in the Home Alone sequel for a cameo, in the Plaza Hotel which was owned by the Trump Organisation at the time.

According to director Chris Columbus, Trump had requested a cameo in exchange for the production company having access to film in his hotel.

Columbus agreed, and Trump’s cameo was set up.

He faced having his cameo axed after filming, however, producer John Hughes admitted that his scene was met with cheering and applause when the film was first screened, so they decided to keep it in, much to their surprise.

After the Capitol Hill riots, some fans of the franchise are now calling, via a petition, to have Trump digitally removed from the film as a punishment for his actions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star wants to be edited out!

Numerous fans have begun calling for a petition to have Donald Trump digitally edited out of Home Alone 2, and replaced with an older version of a child actor and star of the franchise; Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin responded to one fan via Twitter, saying that he was “Sold.”

However, not everyone is on board with having Trump removed from the family film.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, Kristy Swanson, has expressed her discontent with the idea, throwing her support behind the outgoing President.

She defended the President, saying that if his cameo was going to edited out, then she wants her cameos in Pretty in Pink and Ferris Buhler’s Day Off to be removed.

Both films were also produced by John Hughes.

Swanson received heavy backlash from fellow actors and fans, most of which pointed out that her roles in those films, similar to Trump’s in Home Alone 2, were mere cameos.

Glee star Jane Lynch shot back at Swanson, simply asking “who are you?”

Fans decided to do it themselves!

Images have begun to circle online of Culkin’s character, Kevin, staring into the middle distance after Trump has been photoshopped out of the scene.

Others have edited the same image to depict Kevin looking up at an older version of Culkin, and some have even edited in a present-day Joe Biden, which sparked a petition signed by over 1000 people to have Biden digitally replace Trump in the film.