A 20-year-old U.S. Army soldier Cole James Bridges was arrested in the State of Georgia on the accusations of working with terrorists and planning to blow up the NYC 9/11 Memorial.

He appears to be connected with the Islamic State group - ISIS, which he even supported publicly on his social networks.

Online Plotting

Private Bridges, also known as Cole Gonzales, joined the U.S. Army in September 2019.

A year later, in October 2020, he started communicating online with whom he thought to be an Islamic State supporter.

However, it turned out to be an FBI employee working undercover.

Bridges presented him with a detailed plan about blowing up the Memorial, but also a plan to attack U.S. soldiers who fight in the Middle East. Prior to his correspondence with an FBI employee, Bridges openly promoted and supported jihadists and ISIS on his social networks.

Presenting Confidential Information

The Justice Department and federal prosecutors announced that Bridges gave some advice and confidential information from the U.S. Army which could help ISIS fighters find and attack potential targets in New York City.

He also provided them with parts of the U.S. Army manual that contains combat tactics and methods.

The FBI employee who corresponded with Bridges claims he also received instructions on how to attack the U.S. troops in the Middle East and how the ISIS fighters could fight against the U.S Special Forces.

The criminal complaint stated that Bridges even explained how some buildings could be wired with explosives in order to kill the U.S. soldiers.

Incriminating graphic material

In order to show his support for the Islamic State group, Bridges made a video of himself standing in front of the Islamic State flag expressing supportive gestures.

Also, using a voice manipulator, he made another video, several days later, in which he gave a propaganda speech supporting the ISIS attack on the U.S. troops.

William F. Sweeney Jr., head of New York City’s FBI office condemned such an act as treason, saying how private Bridges betrayed his country and unit.

Cole Bridges should face the court in Georgia this Thursday.