Major Restructuring for Fox News Digital on Tap

Last week, Fox News announced a significant shakeup in its television format. This week, it is the digital side of the news media giant that is seeing some major changes. Fox News Digital recently announced that it plans to lay off at least 20 of its employees who work at the Decision Desk HQ arm of the business.

Changes in Coverage a Response to Evolving Election Cycle

A spokesperson for Fox News said that the restructuring is in response to the 2020 election cycle coming to an end. With the end of the presidency of Donald Trump, the digital arm said that the related political news cycle will be less intense, not necessitating as many employees. Fox leaders assure that the coverage will still be committed to offering reporting and analysis on both domestic and global issues.

Politics Editor Among Those Cut

The most notable cut in the staff was Chris Stirewalt, the longtime politics editor for Fox News. Stirewalt had been at the company for over 10 years. He was also distinguished as a primary contributor for the Fox News Decision Desk. This offshoot came under fire by former President Trump for being the first major network to call the state of Arizona for President Joe Biden on election night. Most other news outlets waited days before putting Arizona in Biden’s win column.

Restructuring Said to Be More Inclusive

According to those with intimate details of the situation, the restructuring is intended to include a broader voice. The more inclusive lineup of contributors is said to include more women leaders in the ranks.