Violence broke out on the streets of Seattle and Portland after President Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, replacing President Trump.

However, Biden’s victory still wasn’t enough for the Far-Left, as they took to the streets to show their discontent for the new administration.

What happened in Portland?

Portland saw multiple acts of violence take place throughout the day after President Biden was inaugurated, with Far-Left rioters from Antifa clashing with police throughout the scenes.

The riots, labeled as the “J20 protest”, started after a group of around 100 protesters started to vandalize an ICE facility, throwing eggs and rocks at the building to smash windows whilst also vandalizing the property with spray paint.

Police then attempted to disperse the crowd, that moved up the city to the Democrat HQ, where they proceeded to smash windows and burn the American flag, alongside a “Biden For President” flag.

Videos and images show the protesters complaining about issues from the previous administration, as well as voicing their discontent for the new one, with some claiming that “Biden will not save us”.

The police moved the group on up to a local park, where it is reported that at least 8 people were arrested for their involvement in these riots.

The National Guard was not deployed.

What happened in Seattle?

Seattle saw similar outbreaks of violence from the Far-Left group Antifa.

Rioters gathered outside an ICE facility after marching through the city from Occidental Park.

Videos show the rioters attempting to smash the windows with various tools, even though they were bulletproof.

The group then unveiled a banner that called for the abolition of ICE, a policy which the Biden administration has rejected.

This was shortly followed by the group burning the American flag as they cheered.

The rioters, after realizing they couldn’t cause substantial damage to the ICE facility, moved through the streets where they vandalized banks, Amazon Go stores, the Nakamura Federal Courthouse, and an original Starbucks in the Pike Place Market.

Police moved in on the group roughly 20 minutes after the violence commenced, reporting multiple arrests.

The Far-Left are no strangers to political violence on inauguration day, after riots broke out up and down the country after the inauguration of President Trump in 2017.

The anarchists of Antifa cannot be pleased, and this new administration would do well to denounce them.