On Wednesday, Former President Donald Trump left the White House without taking part in the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden.

Trump took his Air Force One jet to arrive at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, minutes before the inauguration ceremony of the new president started.

This was the first time since the 19th-century that the leaving president decided not to attend the inauguration of his successor.

Hundreds of people waited for Trump

In Florida, Trump received a cordial greeting from numerous supporters who congregated to express their loyalty to the former president.

They started to assemble before Trump even left Washington, positioning themselves along the Southern Boulevard.

It is estimated that several hundreds of people took part in the welcome.

Most supporters expressed their belief that Trump did not actually lose the election.

All of them wanted to show their deep affection for the former president.

Richard Snowden, a tanned man dressed in colors of the American flags, said that he managed to travel from Delaware to see the final motorcade of Trump as commander-in-chief.

He recalled that he took part in an impressive number of 74 Trump rallies in 26 U.S. states.

Daniel Rakus, a 65-year-old Palm Beach local, told the reporters that he arrived early to make Former President Trump aware of the fact that he is not alone and that what he has done deserves praise.

Stacy Schmid even broke down in tears after she waved her arm at the motorcade.

She said that she was regular whenever Trump visited this area.

Iam Hedendal expressed similar emotions when he said that Trump’s arrival presents an event that is both something to be celebrated and to be sad for.

Other supporters joined the crowd with banners.

Trump 2024 banners

The statements on the banners included the ones of support for Trump, as well as those that were against Biden.

Thomas Burgess, a 35-year-old native of West Palm Beach, held a sign that endorsed Trump’s 2024 candidacy.

A former crack cocaine dealing convict, Burgess expressed his gratefulness for Trump, saying that if there was no First Step Act signed by Trump, he would have been in prison until 2025.

After he arrived in Florida, Trump waved back at his supporters as his motorcade was moving down the streets of Palm Beach.

Earlier the same day, Trump delivered a speech to his staff and family members which he concluded by saying that they accomplished a lot of amazing things.

He also wished everyone a good life.