The day of President Biden’s inauguration was a day of immense pride for the left in America.

They have finally toppled President Trump and the GOP, but did one of their own Justices commit a horrific act of racism during the swearing-in of Vice President Kamala Harris?

Previous leftist accusations would suggest that she did.

Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, a Justice the Democrats were proud to put forward as the first Supreme Court Justice of Latina descent to swear in a Vice President, may have done just that, by committing an egregious act of racism towards to the new VP.

What did Justice Sotomayor do?

Anyone who watched the inauguration could see the pride on the face of Kamala Harris as she pledged her allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, becoming the first woman, black woman and Asian American woman to hold national office.

However, many viewers did not notice the “racist” mistake Justice Sotomayor made during the process.

During the swearing-in, Justice Sotomayor accidentally mispronounced the first name of the Vice President, putting emphasis on the second syllable in her name, to come out as “Comma-la”.

The first name of the Vice President is not common in the United States, so much so that in her run to become a Senator in the 2016 election, Vice President Harris released a campaign video titled #KidsForHarris, where school children would pronounce her name correctly after she recognized that people often mispronounce it.

So, any mispronunciation should be forgiven as a tiny mistake, right?

Well, not according to the Democrats.

So how is this an act of racism?

Multiple members of the GOP, including President Trump and Vice President Pence, have mispronounced Harris’ name when speaking about her, something that the Democrats back in August, labelled as racist.

In an article written by the Associated Press, supporters of the new Vice President, which includes Fatima Goss Graves, the president of the National Women’s Law Centre Action Fund, claim that these “deliberate” mispronunciations of her name are an attempt by GOP officials to undermine the position that Harris has worked to achieve, all because she is the daughter of immigrants.

So, if the logic of the Democrats is applied in this instance, Justice Sotomayor, when swearing in Vice President Harris, in what can be argued was the proudest day of her career, sought to undermine and tear her down because of her heritage, an act that the Democrats have labelled as racist.

However, this logic will not be applied consistently, given the fact that the Democrats would only revert to tactics such as these as an attempt to hurt the previous administration.

Maybe Vice President Kamala Harris needs to release another pronunciation video…just to be safe.