Famous singer and Hollywood star, Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem at yesterday’s inauguration ceremony of newly elected US president, Joe Biden.

Like many other Hollywood stars, she publicly expressed her support to the Democrat party and Biden during the entire presidential campaign.

She announced on her Twitter profile, where she has more than 83 million followers, how proud she is to sing the Anthem and that she will do it for all people who live in America, advocating a bright future in which all Americans unite peacefully towards prosperity.

She even tried to express her peaceful nature through fashion - she wore a dress with a gold dove carrying an olive branch, which symbolizes peace and reconciliation.

All of this seems nice, and there wouldn’t be anything wrong with her statements, had she not written some very hostile words just one week before.

Mocking people who think differently

Her hypocrisy comes to light in one of her pro-Biden video ads, in which she says that she will vote for America, therefore she will vote for Joe Biden.

Does this mean that only those who vote for Biden are true Americans?

And does it mean that only those who vote for Biden are good people and the ones who vote for Trump or someone else are not?

Many questions arise from only this portion of her tweet.

Furthermore, in that video she ridiculed and mocked “middle” America, states such as Florida, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and people who live in those states, saying who they and their friends should vote for.

Calling for Trump’s impeachment

On January 8, the day when the Capitol siege happened, she tweeted that Donald Trump should be impeached so he couldn’t run again in the future election, accusing him of inciting domestic terror.

However, it has been proven that the siege was planned in advance, several days before Trump’s appearance at the rally, thus, it would be impossible for him to incite something that was already arranged.

The only reason for wanting Trump’s impeachment is the fact that Democrats know that Trump is still loved by many people (if not the majority), but they want to present it otherwise.

Why else would they fear that he might get elected again?

She also called the people who support Trump “insurrectionists”, identifying every one of them with a riotous minority.

Not a very conciliatory attitude.