Karem Abdul-Jabbar, a famous former NBA player, published a column in The Hollywood Reporter in which he explained his motivation for taking part in the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Abdul-Jabbar used the column to condemn Former President Trump and mock his remaining supporters as “true believing MAGA puppets”.

Former NBA superstar said that he felt very glad to be a part of restarting a boat with a “true captain at the helm” instead of “a sea-sick imposter”.

Abdul-Jabbar compared Trump’s presidency to a horror movie

Abdul-Jabbar characterized his participation in Biden’s inauguration as an act of returning to the “Age of Reason” in which officials make decisions by consulting reliable sorts of evidence.

For Abdul-Jabbar, Biden’s inauguration presents an event in which those with unspoiled brains reemerge from the gloom to retrieve the United States and its values.

He also compared the inauguration of the new president to the happy ending of a year-long horror movie.

Abdul-Jabbar criticized the Trump administration for trying to crush the fundamental rights of various social groups including women, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Black, Muslims, and immigrants.

He cited the former president’s incapability and immorality as a culprit of around 400,000 deaths of Americans as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abdul-Jabbar explained that the belief that America is so radically divided is a sort of misconception: There is much greater unification than it seems at the first glance.

He emphasized that the violent Capitol attack from January 6th made a deep rift among conservatives, most of which opposed the attacks.

“Triggered MAGA puppets”

Abdul-Jabbar estimated that around a third of the U.S. population comprise naïve “MAGA puppets” who are extremely vocal and triggered by meaningless words such as “freedom”, “socialist”, and “radical left”.

He cited Trump’s low approval ratings as evidence for his belief.

Hall-of-Famer noted that even though many Republican officials and governors confirmed that there was “no election fraud”, most Trump supporters will continue to believe that the election was stolen regardless of the evidence they are provided with.

In his concluding remarks, Abdul-Jabbar said that he is willing to bear the burden required for the country to experience freedom after a four-year-period of American dissolution.

In addition to being a special guest at the inauguration event, Abdul-Jabbar also took part in the “Celebrating America” TV show hosted by actor Tom Hanks.

During the show, former NBA player recited parts of the second inaugural speech of the 19th-century U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.