Star of the US Women’s Soccer Team, Carli Lloyd, has come under fire in recent days after she, and three other teammates, decided to stand for the US national anthem before a friendly match against Colombia, with the left once again attempting to politicize sport.

Fans questioned her decision to stand instead of kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter, a movement that has caused civil unrest across the United States, with riots breaking out at numerous protests across the second half of 2020.

Firstly, who is Carli Lloyd?

Carli Lloyd is one of the main faces of the US Women’s National side that has become famous in recent years for their triumphs in global competitions, including a famous victory in the women’s World Cup in 2019.

Lloyd is the third most capped player for the women’s team in their history, with her start against Colombia being her 295th appearance for her country. She is also the 4th highest goal scorer for the national side.

In the United States’ victory over Japan in the 2015 World Cup final, Lloyd became the first-ever women’s soccer player to score a hattrick in a women’s final, and only the second player ever to do it in the sport, after Sir Geoff Hurst scored a hattrick in 1966 final as England beat West Germany.

Her appearance against Colombia this year marks the 16th consecutive year that she has turned out for the national team.

So why all the hate?

Attempts to politicize the world of soccer have been growing exponentially over the last 7-8 months after the Premier League introduced Black Lives Matter and the concept of “kneeling” into the men’s game in Europe after the restart of the 19/20 season.

Players kneeling before the start of each game since soccer restarted last summer has become a very common sight across most of Europe and the rest of the world, however, not every nation complies.

Marseille, a soccer club in France, now refuses to take a knee before matches, citing that this concept was an “American idea” that doesn’t affect issues in France.

Soccer teams started abandoning BLM

Even the Premier League in England ended up abandoning Black Lives Matter after previous acts of violence, stating that players now take a knee in support of the fight against racial injustice, not in support of Black Lives Matter.

Carli Lloyd is one of the first sports stars in the US to refuse the formality of taking a knee in the last few months, causing a bombardment of hate from “supporters” who still believe that that the BLM movement is pure.

Lloyd stated in her post-match press conference that the whole team stands together no matter what, giving reasoning as to why she and three others decided to stand for the national anthem.

However, this wasn’t enough for some, as she received an abundance of hate on Twitter, with multiple users attempting to use her race against her whilst at the same time labeling her as “out of touch”.

The friendly match between the United States and Colombia took place on MLK Day, a match the US won 4-0.