Newly elected president Joe Biden held a press conference in the White House this Thursday.

There were many reporters asking many questions on various topics, but one particular question and one reporter stood out from the crowd.

Actually, there was nothing especially wrong or unique about the question, but rather the reaction that the question caused.

Harmless question made Biden “snap”!

The press conference was coming to an end, and the woman who was in charge of reporters started to usher them out of the room while president Biden was collecting his personal belongings preparing to leave.

At that moment, an Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller stood up and asked Mr. Biden one last, very simple question about the vaccines for the coronavirus. Since president Biden announced that he will ensure the vaccines for 100 million Americans in the first 100 days in the White House, the reporter asked him whether that goal is maybe too low and perhaps he should set the bar higher.

That question caused Biden’s fierce reaction as he snapped at the reporter saying “Give me a break, come on, man.”, avoiding answering the question.

He only added that 100 million vaccines is a good start, and then left the room.

Biden: “Situation will get worse!”

Earlier at the conference, Biden talked about the crisis caused by a coronavirus.

He emphasized many difficulties that the US has to deal with, at this moment, as well as in the future.

Biden even gave the prediction of more than half a million deaths caused by the coronavirus next month, saying that the situation will even get worse before getting better.

The president concluded the conference by saying that it will take months to recover from this situation that didn’t happen overnight.

Biden’s history of snapping at reporters

This wasn’t the first time Biden snapped at someone from the press.

In October, a CBS reporter Bo Erickson asked Joe Biden about allegations that his son Hunter Biden is under investigation because of his tax affairs and foreign business deals with China and Ukraine.

Joe Biden got angry about the question, calling the entire situation a “smear campaign” refusing to give any comment or answer the question.

He said that he knew the reporter would ask such questions and that it’s something right up his alley.

This whole situation with Biden’s son was presented as a Republican political attack and part of Russian disinformation.

However, the FBI and Justice Department officials, along with acting-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe agreed that it was a lot more than that.