While Democrats rushed to start the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, the Republicans at the US Senate asked for it to be delayed until mid-February.

The reason behind this proposal lays in the fact that allowing the trial postponement gives enough time to Donald Trump and his legal team to prepare the defense for the trial.

The leading man for this proposal, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says that delaying the trial for February 8 will give the opportunity to Mr. Trump to prepare for the process.

He gave a statement explaining that all Senate republicans stand together and support this proposal and the principle of having a fair trial.

Everyone has the right to a fair trial

Every person, including Mr. Trump, has the right to a full and fair trial, and everyone should be given the same opportunity of having the time to prepare oneself.

All of this would assure that the very process of the trial respects Trump’s rights and every legal or constitutional question at stake.

The Republican senators plead that the impeachment article should be sent to the Senate on January 28 which would mark the beginning of the first phase of the trial.

This time frame would give Donald Trump and his team two weeks to present his pre-trial defense.

Since the Republicans lost the majority in the Senate, thus losing control of it, they needed Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer to agree and support the proposal.

Schumer announced the impeachment timeline

Democrat senator Lindsey Graham expressed his support for McConnell’s proposal and pointed out the hope that his Democratic colleagues would do the same.

Shortly afterward, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced a plan for an impeachment trial and confirmed that the consensus of the two largest U.S. parties had been reached.

The whole process will begin in the week starting Feb. 8.

Because of the fact that the two-thirds vote is required in the Senate to make a decision, Democrats would have to find the support of at least 17 Republicans in order to convict Donald Trump.

The “Trump process” has divided both parties

Some time ago, 10 Republicans agreed with the Democrats that the outgoing president should be impeached on January 14.

However, some of the Democrats sided with the Republicans to postpone the trial.

The White House speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted on fast impeachment and getting Donald Trump accused and held accountable for the January 6 riots, despite the fact that president Biden calls for unity and an end of the divisions between Americans.

Pelosi considers that it is not okay to forget what happened at the riots and just to move on and start unifying.