On the night of Thursday, January 21, Fox News contributor and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino revealed on “Hannity” that the FBI may be investigating the social media site and Twitter alternative Parler.

Given that Bongino himself purchased a significant stake in the company in June 2020 and thereby helped fund it, an FBI investigation of Parler likely also means an FBI investigation of Bongino himself.

The Phony Investigations Begin

If there is indeed such an investigation going on, its origins may be connected to New York Democratic Representative and Chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee Carolyn Maloney.

Maloney wrote a letter to the FBI in which she suggested that Parler may have allowed for those who had planned to commit violence during the Capitol Hill riot of January 6 to communicate with one another and plan and coordinate their activities.

At first blush, this appears extraordinarily unlikely as the instigators of the violence that day were leftist infiltrators from BLM and Antifa as both the DOJ and the FBI have already all but acknowledged. Video evidence clearly reveals this, and a BLM activist named John Sullivan has already been arrested for his role in instigating the mayhem.

Maloney also said, with absolutely no evidence to substantiate her assertion, that Parler might be “a potential conduit for foreign governments who may be financing civil unrest in the United States.” The pretext being used to initiate these investigations is that John Matze, the CEO of Parler, happens to be married to a Russian woman.

Maloney claims that Matze’s wife’s “family reportedly has ties to the Russian government,” but as far as anyone knows, this is an utter fabrication.

Nonplussed and furious, Bongino said the following when discussing all of this with Sean Hannity: “[Maloney] presents no evidence whatsoever.” He further referred to the Democrats backing this push as “slimeball totalitarian losers.”

The FBI has not commented on whether there is any such investigation.

The Real Intention Behind All of This

If connections between Parler and the Kremlin are all made up by Democrats and asserted without evidence or justification, why might there be FBI investigations going on into the company?

Simple—the investigations are a pretext for Democrats to crush their enemies. If they cannot throw Matze, Bongino and their associates into jail on fabricated charges, they will at least be able to exhaust their financial resources through constant litigation. At that point, it will be impossible for Matze and the rest to run Parler, and one alternative to the Democrats’ desired total information control system will be shut down.

And that is the real point in all of this. It’s all about information control. It’s all about controlling what people hear and what they know and leveraging that control to win even more power.

As is becoming increasingly impossible to deny, “law” and “law enforcement” are simply two of the velvet gloves in which the mailed fist of power likes to hide.