During the Saturday evening and the early morning on Sunday, 5 people were killed in separate shootings that occurred in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Among the victims were a 19-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn child.

In addition to that, several people including one underage boy were hospitalized as a result of the injuries from the attack.

The boy is said to be in critical condition.

Pregnant woman and underage boy among the victims

Indianapolis police received the first shooting report around 11:30 pm Saturday near 3350 N. Gladstone Ave.

The victim has been hospitalized with a serious condition.

Two hours later, another person arrived at IU Health Methodist Hospital with the shooting-related injuries.

During the next two hours, another 4 people were reported to be injured in two separates shootings that happened in the neighborhood of Graham Road and 16th Street, respectively.

The crucial moment occurred when, shortly before 4 am, the police received information about the shooting in the 3300 block of East 36th Street.

The victim was identified as an underage boy who was rushed to a hospital with a serious condition.

Police spokesman Shane Foley said that he expects the boy to survive the injuries.

Yet, the investigation of the boy’s shooting led police to the discovery of the shooting inside a home in the 3500 block of Adams Street.

Police officers found 5 people killed inside the home, including the unborn child of a 19-year-old girl.

Larges mass shootings in more than a decade

Parts of the 36th and Adams Street were blocked the next morning for the purpose of the investigation.

Many surrounding passengers were visibly frustrated about what happened.

According to Foley, police suspects that the shootings did not occur spontaneously and that there is a high possibility that multiple attackers were involved.

Further investigation is expected to reveal the details.

In his talk with reporters, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett condemned the attacks he described as mass murder.

He stated that he is in contact with legal authorities and promised that each perpetrator is going to be prosecuted for the act.

The shootings were characterized by Indianapolis Police Chief Randal Taylor as the largest mass shooting that involved deaths in more than a decade.

They surely follow a trend set last year when the greatest number of violent crimes occurred in the history of the city.

Of the total of 215 recorded homicides last year, the vast majority were performed with a gun and involved Black male victims.