On Sunday, dozens of people gathered on a protest in Tacoma, Washington.

They assembled at the same place where the police cruiser reportedly hit pedestrians the night before.

Two of these pedestrians ended up in a hospital, with one of them thought to have already been released.

Fortunately, none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Protesters blocked police cruiser

On Saturday night, Tacoma Police Department intervened after it received information about street racing events, including the performance of “burnouts” and “doughnuts”, taking place at a downtown intersection in Tacoma.

According to police reports, around 100 spectators and several vehicles stopped the traffic in the area.

When the police cruiser arrived, a lot of spectators congregated to prevent the police from crushing the event.

Tacoma Police Department announced that a police cruiser plowed into the group of pedestrians when the pedestrians surrounded the cruiser to block its movement.

The Department described the act as a reaction to a threat to the driver’s safety.

According to Wendy Haddow, Tacoma Police Spokeswoman, the driver was afraid that his glass might get broken by the protesters.

Antifa used an incident to start rioting

As a result, the cruiser driver was placed on leave for the duration of the investigation that is expected to take place soon.

Regardless of that, a group of left-wing activists congregated on Sunday to voice their protests against “police brutality”.

As local stations reported, the group set several fires and damages some of the buildings in the neighborhood of the Pierce County courthouse.

The event has been documented by journalist Andy Ngo, who posted videos of protesters obstructing the traffic with blockades.

Unlike what happened the night before, there were reportedly no injuries during the Sunday protests.

In addition to the damage to local businesses, rioters burned an American flag in the street near the Pierce County probation center.

Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards publicly criticized the protests.

She said that she entirely sympathizes with citizens who felt outraged, frustrated, sad, heartbroken, and confused after the Saturday events.

Woodards encouraged the legal prosecution of all those responsible for the events.

Tacoma protests are just one of the myriad protests left-wing organizations have held since last summer.

Most recently, similar protests took place in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, resulting in similar damage to local buildings.

Legal action against each person who breached the law during any of these riots is expected to be taken soon.