In yet another one of his many nightly monologues, Fox News host Tucker Carlson proclaimed on Tuesday night that the Democrats are prepared to brand the half of America that still supports Trump terrorists and go to war against them.

The Mask Is Off

Even though the Capitol Hill riot on January 6 was demonstrably not instigated by either Trump or any of his supporters, Democrats have wasted no time churning out crude propaganda about the event and using it to help them do something that they’ve always wanted to do anyway: bring the boot of power crashing down hard on the necks of the half of America that passionately supports Donald Trump.

As Carlson pointed out, Democrats are, “plotting revenge against the people they just beat. They’re thinking of new ways to injure and humiliate and degrade their political opponents, make it impossible for them to work again, throw them in jail, destroy their lives.”

Even though Trump’s supporters were provably not tied to the violence that occurred on Capitol Hill — one woman was shot and killed by police and two of the officers who died, died because of health complications that they suffered after the riot — and even though no congressman’s or senator’s life was ever truly in any real danger on that day, Democrats all put on Oscar-worthy performances as part of the propaganda blitz they are using to justify the repressive measures to come.

The simple fact of the matter is that the left-wing elite in America regards those who live in flyover country and who voted for Trump as retrograde and racist troglodytes who, at all costs, must be either re-educated or destroyed. They’ve always wanted to do this anyway, and they simply needed a suitable excuse to emerge before they could start. Well, now, they have one.

Carlson showed clips of people like Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley saying, “The threat of white supremacy looms large, and it’s tragic that it took this insurrection and this attempt to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power… for many to appreciate just how formidable this threat of white supremacy is.”

Of course, this is utterly absurd. The number of actual white supremacists in America — a country of 336 million people — probably numbers somewhere in the low thousands, and all of their organizations have long since been infiltrated by the FBI. They have no power and serve no purpose other than to be scapegoats for the left in their rabid and never-ending crusade for more power.

And the Republican Party — as Donald Trump has amply demonstrated — is not a serious organization. The GOP only exists to misdirect the energies of those who reject progressivism. Mainstream Republicans are only concerned with using politics to give sinecures to their friends. They are perfectly happy to allow the left to beat them in every cultural battle and then to consolidate the left’s gains.

Democrats have unleashed this wildly violent campaign of purges against Trump supporters because they realize that more and more people are starting to see through this facade.