Anyone who types “” into the search bar of their web browser is sure to be in for a surprise. Typing in that domain name will not bring you to a website with information about Antifa but will instead redirect you to the official White House website:

Naturally, many people who have noticed this have been left wondering why.

Antifa Are the Shock Troops and Useful Idiots of the Democratic Establishment

Despite having a major and verifiable role in sporadic rioting and politically motivated violence in this country for years now, Antifa has yet to earn any public or formal condemnations from any major Democratic politicians.

For the most part, Democrats seem keen on denying that the organization even really exists. Joe Biden, during one of his debates with Donald Trump in 2020, insisted that Antifa is “just an idea” rather than a violent, far-left terrorist organization.

Anita has attacked police, ICE agents and countless Trump supporters, and it has had a persistently prominent role in the George Floyd riots that gripped the country in the summer of 2020. The riots saw months of unending mayhem that led to approximately $2 billion in property damage.

The media, meanwhile, insisted all along on lying about this carnage and calling it nothing more than a series of “mostly peaceful protests.”

Moreover, Kamala Harris, as a candidate for the Vice Presidency, even tweeted out support for Antifa and encouraged people to make donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization dedicated to posting bail for any rioters who were arrested. To make matters worse, few rioters were ever arrested. Often, police would receive orders from higher-ups to stand back and allow the rioters free reign.

Since the elite was willing to grant organizations like Antifa financial, logistical, moral and sometimes even physical support, this all unmistakably points to one thing: the American elite fully supports Antifa, at least if it riots in the right way.

Despite its remarkable connection to the Democratic elite, Antifa claims to be a communist organization, and its members claim to hate mainstream liberals and Democrats.

This makes no difference to the Democratic Establishment, however. When Democrats want Antifa to riot and target their political enemies — especially hapless and ever-suffering Trump supporters — they will be allowed to do so. But if Antifa should turn its ire toward the establishment, there is no doubt that it will be ruthlessly shut down.

So, Why the Redirection?

Why then does redirect you to It’s not clear. It’s unlikely that the White House would openly proclaim a link to Antifa, even though the Establishment has given it covert support.

Perhaps someone who is fed up with all of this nonsense bought the domain name and arranged to have it redirect to the White House’s website in order for people to begin thinking about this connection.