There is no doubt that it has been quite a few weeks in the nation’s capital city. However, it could have been a lot worse if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had got her way. According to Ken Cuccinelli, the former Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary, Pelosi went overboard on her request to station 25,000 National Guard troops throughout Washington, D.C., in the days leading up to the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

More Than Just the Troops

Not only did the Democrat from California ask for the massive amount of troops, but she also wanted them to tote crew-manned machine guns. Thankfully, this request was rejected because Cuccinelli did not see the need for such a large security detail for a civilian event. Cuccinelli knew that he should refuse the request, especially when she asked the troops to be armed with machine guns.

In addition, it is also ironic that a self-professed advocate of banning semi-automatic rifles would be fine with asking the National Guard to come into the city with them.

Cuccinelli’s Reasoning

It was not hard for Cuccinelli to find reasons to refuse the absurd request by Pelosi. He reminded everyone that the Department of Homeland Security is put in place to protect all Americans and not just those in Congress. Cuccinelli said that Pelosi and the rest of the Congress suddenly wanted the National Guard to step in when their own lives were on the line. However, they did not show this type of concern over the summer during the BLM and Antifa protests and riots.