The Left has enlisted its foot soldiers, Twitter and Facebook, in its drive toward a fully enforceable cancel culture. Its agents have silenced President Trump and numerous other voices on the Right. Now and then, the Left needs a sacrificial lamb in order to avoid complete hypocrisy. Recently, this came in the form of one Will Wilkinson.

An Awful Call to “Lynch Mike Pence”

Twitter’s newfound hysteria over violence did not seem to get in the way of Wilkinson’s calling for the lynching of Mike Pence. Wilkinson was somehow allowed to make this bloodthirsty and incendiary post and put it out in the cybersphere. This presented a big problem for the liberals who have been using Big Tech as agents of suppression. Trump Derangement Syndrome is one thing. However, Wilkinson’s awful tweet took things to an entirely new offensive level.

Eventually, the Left had to turn on one of their own so they could keep up the charade of caring about the safety of the republic. Wilkinson got canceled himself, losing his job at a liberal think tank and his perch at the New York Times. In reality, the Left had to cancel Wilkinson because they had no other choice. Otherwise, they would not have been able to ban conservatives with any sort of straight face.

The Cancel Culture Is Just Beginning

The Left is just getting started with silencing voices they don’t agree with. Wilkinson was collateral damage as liberals needed to preserve this weapon that they intend to use on anyone ever associated with Donald Trump. However, it does not make it right when the Left does it to one of their own, either. Wilkinson ended up being a victim of his own team in their pursuit for political dominance.