If Joe Biden’s first five days as president are any indication of the future, he may well end up making us all nostalgic for the Obama years before his time is even done.

Clown World Presidency

It’s easy to make fun of Biden for clearly having dementia and for apparently not even knowing where he is a good chunk of the time. It’s easy to see that for at least the next four years, a combination of the deep state and the radical left — because no one is dumb enough to believe that Biden is making his own decisions — will engage in a systematic campaign of elder abuse that will be euphemistically referred to as “governing the country.”

There is even a video that has been making the rounds on the internet lately in which Biden is seen sitting at his desk, ready to sign a new executive order. As the order gets onto his desk, he says, “I don’t know what I’m signing.” Then, he signs it anyway.

That will be the Biden presidency in a nutshell. It will be a clown world presidency in which the president is a figurehead who doesn’t know what he’s doing and those who are really in charge will be people you’ve never heard of. It will be a time in which Trump supporters are hypocritically lectured about “unity” while the mailed fist of power smashes them in their faces.

Up will be down, and down will be up. Prepare yourselves.

The First Five Days Are Only the Beginning

Though it may be tempting to retreat into humor and ridicule to help us all cope with the unmitigated disaster that the next few years are certain to be, it is still important to acknowledge the disaster. In fact, just five days into his so-called “presidency,” Biden is already dead set on unleashing hell.

One of Biden’s executive orders reverses a Trump executive order which created lower-cost insulin, epinephrine and other drugs. It’s Biden’s thanks to Big Pharma for all of those generous campaign donations.

Another Biden executive order scraps the Keystone XL Pipeline, destroying tens of thousands of jobs, including those held by workers from unions that supported him. Said unions now appear to have buyer’s remorse.

Eleven million illegals are set to be granted amnesty, and migrant caravans have already formed in anticipation of the borders being totally thrown open so that Democrats can import more voters.

And perhaps most ominous of them all, the Capitol Hill riot — a totally manufactured affair which was probably instigated by BLM and Antifa rather than Trump supporters — is being used to enact all sorts of repressive police state measures under the guise of combatting “domestic terrorism.”

The message to Trump supporters is clear: If you don’t swear fealty to the regime, you will be destroyed.

Anyone who bought into Biden’s common-man-from-Scranton act is a fool. A man who has spent nearly half a century in politics engaging in mind-bogglingly corrupt international business deals and blatant nepotism is in no meaningful sense one of the common people.

But this is what we now have to live with now.