Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Representative from New York, fired several vitriolic remarks against her Republican colleagues.

In her interview for MSNBC, AOC condemned Republican representatives for taking part in reprobate activities that include white supremacism, misogyny, and the support for violence.

She especially criticized Kevin McCarthy, a House Minority Leader, for what she characterized as the lack of appropriate action.

The majority of Republicans are white supremacists or misogynists?!

When asked to comment about the new GOP caucus, AOC first tried to emphasize the difference in behavior between current Republican representatives and the former ones.

She said that during the previous term a typical Republican was very loyal to President Trump, either out of cowardice or because he or she genuinely believed in the policies of the former president.

AOC added that, now, the House of Representatives is filled with Republicans who hold white supremacy views, along with being misogynistic and in favor of the insurrection.

AOC particularly called out Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, for what she sees as a lack of any effective action to sanction the inappropriate activities of his colleagues.

She cited an example of Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa, who is often marked as a white supremacist by Democrats, and who did not receive what AOC perceives as adequate punishment.

She also criticized McCarthy for his “lack of action” regarding the newly elected Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

AOC finds Rep. Taylor Greene problematic for her promotion of QAnon theories and her request that Muslim officials be sworn in on a Bible.

According to AOC, Republicans are the biggest danger to Americas democracy

AOC remarked that it was not sufficient that McCarthy just pulls Rep. Taylor Greene aside for a talk like he did with Republican Representative Ted Yoho of Florida after the quarrel Yoho had with AOC.

AOC expressed her suspicion that the primary objective of McCarthy’s “pulling” is to excuse the behavior of his colleagues.

She concluded her interview by saying that she fears that an increase in the toleration of discriminatory behavior among Republican Representatives may lead to a situation that is much worse than what is happening at the moment.

In response to AOC’s claims, a senior House Republican aide accused AOC of working against the unification of the country in times when such unity is much needed.

The aide said that instead of getting involved in trivial political disputes, GOP stays concentrated on solving the major issues such as COVID-19 vaccination and bringing people back to school and work.