John Kerry, former U.S. Secretary of State, has been recently inaugurated as President Biden’s Special Envoy for Climate.

As such, Kerry is determined to be one of the key figures responsible for the application of the new administration’s plans to tackle climate issues.

Yet, just several weeks after he began his office, Kerry got involved in several controversies.

Working as a miner? You picked the wrong job according to Kerry

The first of them is connected to his statement that many blue-collar workers such as miners made a wrong choice by refusing to switch to the production of solar energy.

Kerry suggested that those who are at risk of losing their jobs amid the new climate policy should have thought about the consequences of their decisions in advance and opted for work that is more conducive to the green economy. Biden’s Climate Envoy said that American workers fell prey to the “false narrative” behind the economic policy of the previous administration.

This statement received harsh criticism from numerous opponents of the new administration.

The most outspoken was probably Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas.

In his interview with Fox News, Cruz described Kerry’s claims as arrogant towards blue-collar workers.

Cruz said that it is not surprising that Democratic elites, to which Kerry as a millionaire belongs, show little understanding of the situation in which people “with calluses on their hands” live.

Cruz pointed out that it is hardly unifying to make such out-of-touch statements about American blue-collar workers.

He added that he personally asked several Biden nominees what would they say to union workers who had to lose their job amid the new policy.

Kerry owns a private jet

According to Cruz, most responded that they would tell the workers that they had tough luck.

Simultaneously to the dispute regarding Kerry’s statements, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records show that Kerry is still in a possession of a private jet.

More precisely, records show that Flying Squirrel LLC, the private company of Kerry’s wife, still owns a jet produced by Gulfstream Aerospace.

This information would not be very controversial was not Kerry publicly promoted as one of the greatest climate advocates whose current job is to tackle climate change.

This is especially worrying given the fact that private jet flights emit above 40 times more carbon per passenger than commercial flights.

Much of his wealth, including the jet, Kerry gained from the marriage with Tereza Heinz.

Kerry and his wife own around million dollars in assets just for Flying Squirrel LLC.

Tereza inherited her wealth as a widow of Republican Senator John Heinz, a descendant of the owners of an eponymous ketchup company who died in a plane crash in 1991.