Following the breach of the Capitol on January 6, a number of major companies kicked already existing efforts to purge and censor conservatives and Trump supporters into absolute overdrive.

Former President Trump himself was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and nearly every major social media platform. A number of banks—including those where he has multimillion dollar accounts—have even refused to do business with him.

Many of his most prominent supporters have faced similar consequences. One of the most passionate of these has been My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. Lindell has also been banned from Twitter as of late, but a much more threatening prospect comes from the fact that a number of major retailers—including Kohl’s, Wayfair, and Bed Bath & Beyond—have refused to continue selling any of his products.

Fortunately, not every corporation has jumped on the bandwagon of “woke capitalism” and “cancel culture.” There are still some retailers that are refusing to participate in the madness and still carry Lindell’s signature pillows.

My Pillow Guy in Hot Water

Lindell has, in many ways, been a marked man since he first publicly declared his unwavering support for former President Trump. However, he really got himself into trouble when he said to Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn that he has absolute evidence that massive election fraud occurred in 2020 and that Dominion Voting Systems was a key player in that fraud.

The media, of course, is desperate to cover up this evidence and force us all to return to “normal” in its efforts to prop up the Biden regime. Other companies have happily collaborated with the media in this endeavor, especially after January 6.

Although the media continues to make ridiculous claims that Trump “incited an insurrection” at the Capitol that day, this has been proven to be impossible. For one thing, the Capitol was already being stormed before Trump had even finished speaking. For another, BLM and Antifa members have been caught on video inciting chaos there that day. A few BLM activists have been arrested, and the D.C. police have refused to respond to FOIA requests for more information, sparking speculation about the department’s own complicity.

After January 6, a few major retailers have refused to carry Lindell’s pillows. Dominion Voting Systems has even threatened him with a defamation lawsuit. The company has made similar threats to the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

It’s unlikely that Dominion will actually make good on any of these threats as suing would require them to go into discovery, which would allow Lindell, Powell, Giuliani, and others to look through their records and find evidence of their involvement in election fraud.

Some Companies Resist

Despite all of these threats and coordinated actions, a few companies are refusing to indulge the woke mob. One of these is Costco, which said when asked about My Pillow products, “We have contractual commitments to My Pillow that we intend to honor, as we seek to do with all of our suppliers.”

Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, CVS, BJ’s Wholesale, and—surprisingly—Amazon have not yet removed My Pillow products from their storehouses. Given Amazon’s past behavior, it’s safe to assume that the online shopping behemoth may not agree to sell Lindell’s pillows for much longer, but the other companies listed here appear to be standing strong.