Cancel culture strikes again the United States, after the San Francisco school board voted overwhelming to remove the names of historical, American figures from all school signage, a project that could cost up to $1million.

The vote, that succeeded by a 6-1 margin, will involve all 44 schools in the district having to replace signature that honours past US figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

What does this motion entail?

All of the 44 public schools in San Francisco will now be required to change all signage that honours historical figures from a setlist.

These changes will result in school name changes, the removal of signs posted on school grounds, the redesign of school insignia and uniforms, and the repainting of school classrooms and gymnasiums. Altogether, this act of cancel culture could cost the district up to $1million in redesign fees, even though the district has recently announced a huge budget deficit as a result of school closures due to the pandemic.

So, who are the figures that will be cancelled in the coming weeks?

Well, founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will be amongst the first to be cancelled, as both men owned slaves in a time where the majority of the population (and the world) took no issue with the barbaric practice.

Abraham Lincoln is next up.

Yep, the man who signed the 1863 emancipation proclamation to free the slaves from the Confederates is going to be cancelled by the San Francisco school board.

His crime?

Allegedly oppressing indigenous people.

Joining Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln on this list are former US Presidents William McKinley, James Garfield, James Monroe, and Herbert Hoover.

These Presidents feature alongside the writer of the US national anthem Francis Scott Key, as well as the Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere.

Trying to erase American History

Even the present Democratic Senator for California, Dianne Feinstein, will be removed from an elementary school that bears her name.

This action against the Senator has been taken over false reports that she replaced a damaged Confederate flag outside of the City Hall in 1986.

This attempt to erase history from American schools will not go unnoticed, as those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

That being said, the schools only have until April to think of new names for their currently closed institutions, as the only important topic; the reopening of vital education facilities was not discussed at the meeting in which this cancel culture vote took place.