Only 5 out of the 50 Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to defeat a motion of debate introduced by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, almost effectively dashing any hopes the Democrats have of gaining a conviction against President Joe Biden’s predecessor; President Trump.

The second impeachment trial of the Trump presidency is due to begin proceedings on the 9th of February, with House Democrats charging the former President for “inciting an insurrection”.

What was Rand Paul’s motion and why is it significant?

The Republican Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul, introduced a procedural vote to the Senate this week regarding holding the impeachment trial of President Trump.

Paul, alongside many other Republicans, hold the belief that the Senate should not hold the power to convict a President once they are out of office, deeming it unconstitutional

On February 9th, Donald Trump is due to become the first-ever former President to face an impeachment trial in the Senate after leaving office.

The vote defeated Paul’s suggestion that the trial should be scrapped, 55-45.

However, this result has huge significance in predicting how the trial will work out.

Democrats already lost the battle

Senate Democrats need 17 Republicans to vote with them to convict the former President, with many Republican Senators condemning Donald Trump after the events at Capitol Hill on January 6th.

However, only 5 Republicans sided with the Democrats to defeat Paul’s motion, dealing with the Democrats hopes of convicting Trump a massive blow.

Rand Paul believes that the vote on his motion is the latest evidence that is needed to prove that the whole trial is pointless after he claimed; “If you voted that it was unconstitutional, how in the world would you ever vote to convict somebody for this”.

He followed up by saying that the trial is “all but over”, as the Democrats failed to get a 2/3rds majority in Paul’s debate motion.

Other high-level Republican Senators share this same sentiment, especially after the latest Senate vote.

Politics, nothing more

Senator Ted Cruz, an outspoken supporter of the former President, claims that the second impeachment of Donald Trump is an “exercise in a political rage”.

Senator Marco Rubio, although he previously stated that Trump held “some responsibility” for the events at Capitol Hill, has continued his attacks of the impeachment trial, labelling the entire process as unconstitutional.

In the second week of February, Trump’s unconstitutional trial will begin, and if this vote is any indicator, the Democrats will fail once again to impeach a President they have spent the last four years attacking.