Halsey, an American singer known for her hits “Closer” and “Without Me”, has recently announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post with the photo of her with a bump and a caption “surprise!”.

When her boyfriend Alev Aydin expressed his love in a comment, Halsey replied by saying that she already loves the “mini human” inside her stomach.

Now we’re talking about mini-human?

It is strange that Halsey refers to her unborn child as a sort of human given the fact that she has been a very vocal supporter of pro-abortion policies throughout her career.

For example, Halsey has publicly supported the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the organization devoted to the “protection of individual rights and liberties”, including the right to abortion.

The singer backed ACLU’s pro-abortion activities by saying that abortion is something legal and something each woman has the right to opt for.

In a tweet wrote in 2019, she invited her followers to join her in a fight for abortion.

Halsey released a song as a response to the introduction of Alabama laws against abortion in 2019.

The song, titled “Nightmare”, was meant to become the “angry anthem” against what was seen as a trend against abortion rights.

Halsey is not the only one

Namely, Alabama lawmakers passed legislation that prohibited abortion in virtually every instance, including incest and rape.

Characterized as the most stringent rule against abortion in the U.S., Alabama law banned abortion in each stage of pregnancy.

Halsey is not the only celebrity whose pro-abortion view has been put into question following pregnancy.

Model Chrissy Teigen, the wife of American singer John Legend, has also referred to the baby she lost due to miscarriage as a “little guy”.

Teigen tried to explain that she and her husband treated her unborn child as a member of the family until the end that proved to be extremely painful to them.

She also added that they even gave him a name even though they did not have a habit of doing so until the baby was born.

Teigen concluded that Jack, as she and Legend will remember her unborn child, will always be loved by his family.