Climate Czar John Kerry is already busy in his newly appointed position as he spends valuable taxpayer money and cuts jobs. Kerry held a press conference on Wednesday just prior to President Joe Biden signing an executive order that makes climate a focus of nearly every member of the new Cabinet over the next six months.

Details of the Plan

The new initiatives of the climate-centric order are to be funded by the Biden administration’s proposed $2 trillion relief plans. The initiative will create new task forces that look like a lot of busywork to most reasonable people. One of the most controversial aspects of the plan is the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. Cutting this project will cost 11,000 crucial jobs in an economy that is already reeling due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How this new executive order by Biden, Kerry, and their minions will benefit the everyday American taxpayer has yet to be seen.

Order More Aggressive Than Obama Version

This new plan is even more aggressive than the order that was put in place by Biden’s old boss, former President Barack Obama. According to National Economic Research Associates, Obama’s plan was estimated to terminate at least 6.5 million American industrial jobs by the year 2040 while costing the average household approximately $15,000.

The new order by Biden has a lofty goal of moving the target date for zero-emission up by 15 years. This aggressive goal will almost surely have a bigger impact on new job creation while costing taxpayers even more money out of their pockets.