CNN and Bloomberg News have both run fake news stories that President Trump and his team left the Biden administration no vaccine rollout plan. Nothing could be further from the truth as the vaccine has continued to rollout since President Biden took office. Additionally, Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke out, assuring everyone that the transition was a smooth one. Also, Trump’s Operation Warp Speed members say that there were over 300 meetings held with the incoming administration.

Why Would CNN and Bloomberg File Fake News Reports?

CNN reporter M.J. Lee cited unnamed sources when she first broke the story, which was so obviously false that co-worker Chris Cuomo called the story B.S. during an interview with Dr. Fauci. While no one knows for sure, one possible scenario is that the incoming Biden administration wanted to look great regardless of how the program went in the future. If the program encountered along the way, they could blame it on the previous administration. If things went smoothly, then they could take full credit.

Covering for Biden

The real question remains whether you can trust CNN and Bloomberg after they failed at investigative journalism at the most basic level. It is evident to many that they have been covering for the Biden administration for a long time, and that trend seems to be continuing.

One is left to scratch their head and wonder if CNN and many other organizations provide news that people can rely on or if they have become a form of entertainment. This is not the first time that CNN has covered for Biden. Unfortunately, it may not be the last unless there is a shakeup at the network in an attempt to hold onto viewers.